Sunday 29 January 2012

New Mexican Film Week / Semaine du Nouveau Cinéma Mexicain

 Presented by Cinéma du Parc and Montreal Festival of Latino-American Cinema (FCLM). Six feature films by six up and coming directors showcasing the talented and ever-fresh innovative nature of Mexican cinema.
Screenings are at Cinéma du Parc the week of February 3rd to 9th, 2012.  All films are in Spanish with English Subtitles.
Présenté par le Cinéma du Parc et le Festival  du Cinéma Latino-Américain de Montréal (FCLM). Six longs métrages par six  réalisateurs à venir qui mettant en vedette leur talents et la nature innovateur et toujours-frais du cinéma Mexicain.  Les projections sont tous au Cinéma du Parc, la semaine du 3 au 9 Février 2012.  Tous les films sont en Espagnol avec sous-titres en Anglais.

Schedule and Tag-Line / Programmation et Petite Resume:

#3 seen at FCLM 2011 /# 3 vus pendent l’édition 2011 du FCLM.

1.       Miss Bala / Miss Bala , 2011 , Gerardo Naranjo  
Friday February 3rd 7pm / Vendredi 3 Février 19h 
Laura’s dreams of representing her country by winning a beauty pageant are foiled when she stumbles into the crossfire between a ruthless drug cartel and corrupt law-enforcement officers.
Les rêves de Laura de représenter son pays en remportant un concours de beauté sont déjoués quand elle trébuche les feux croisés entre un cartel de la drogue impitoyable et officiers de police corrompu.
2.       Presunto Culpable / Presumed Guilty / Présumé Coupable, 2009, Roberto Hernández and Geoffrey Smith  
Saturday February 4th 7pm / Tuesday February 7th 7pm / Samedi 4 Février 19h / Mardi 7 Février 19h
Documentary exposing the contradictions that abound in Mexico’s judicial system.
Documentaire exposant les contradictions qui abondent dans le système judiciaire du Mexique.
3.       Las Marimbas Del Infierno / Marimbas From Hell / Marimbas d’Enfer, 2010, Julio Hernandez Cordon  
Sunday February 5th 7pm / Dimanche 5 Février 19h
Don Alfonso and Black team up to form a heavy-metal band with marimbas as the featured instrument. Don Alfonso and Black faire équipe pour former un groupe de heavy-metal avec des marimbas comme l'instrument vedette.
See /voir:
4.       Tierra Madre / Mother Earth / Terre-Mère, 2009,  Roberto Dylan-Verrechia
Monday Feb 6th 7pm / Lundi 6 Février 19h
A lesbian couple determined to raise their children in the Mexican border town of Tecate.
Un couple  lesbienne son déterminé à élever leurs enfants dans la ville de Tecate de la frontière Mexicaine.
5.       Cefalopodo / Cephalopod / Céphalopodes, 2010,  Rubén Imaz
Wednesday February 8th 7pm / Mercredi 8 Février 19h 
To deal with the sudden death of his girlfriend, a young man embarks upon a quest between Mexico City and the Sonora Desert.
Pour faire face à la mort soudaine de sa petite amie, un jeune homme se lance dans une quête entre Mexico et le désert de Sonora.
6.       Verano De Goliat / Summer of Goliath / Été de Goliath, 2010, Nicolás Pereda
Thursday February 9th 7pm / Jeudi 9 Février 19h
When her husband suddenly departs, Teresa sets out to investigate what happened and the result is a portrayal of the health of a Mexican town and its inhabitants.
 Lorsque son mari quitte soudainement, Teresa énonce d'enquêter sur ce qui est arrivé, et le résultat est un portrait de la santé d’une ville Mexicaine et ses habitants.




Saturday 28 January 2012

Magnificat presented by / présenter par l’Ensemble Caprice Ensemble

Saturday / Samedi January 21 Janvier 2012

Salle de concert Bourgie Hall --- Musée des Beaux Arts / Museum of Fine Arts

The Choral and Orchestra Caprice Ensemble, with Matthias Maute as conductor, presented an evening of sacred music centered on Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Magnificat BWV 243”. Featured works from three composers: “The Crucifixus for 8 voices” by Antonio Lotti (1665-1740); “Nunc Dimittus”, “Magnificat” and “The Pacim, Domine” by Arvo Pärt (born 1935) and “Ich Habe Genung BWV 82”, “Suite III BWV 1068” and “Magnifat BWV 243” by J.S. Bach (1685-1750).

Le Chœur et orchestre, Ensemble Caprice, avec Matthias Maute comme chef d'orchestre, a présenté une soirée de musique sacrée centrée sur « Magnificat BWV 243 » de Johann Sebastian Bach. En vedette, les œuvres de trois compositeurs: « Le Crucifixus pour 8 voix » par Antonio Lotti (1665-1740) ; « Nunc Dimittus », « Magnificat » et « La Pacim, Domine » par Arvo Pärt (né en 1935) et « Ich Habe Genung BWV 82 », « Suite III BWV 1068 » et « Magnifat BWV 243 » de J.S. Bach (1685-1750).
J.S. Bach

Arvo Pärt

Antonio Lotti

A Wondrous Performance of Magnificat with Matthias Maute and Friends

 (Review of concert by / Critique du concert par Nancy Snipper)

On Saturday, January 21, a large-sized audience was inspired by a rare concert that sublimely resurrected the utmost beauty inherent in Baroque music. The supremely noble interior of Montreal’s new Bourgie Hall (Montreal Museum of Fine Arts) with it stunning array of stained glass windows was sacredly fitting to the Magnificat program offered by conductor and recorder player extraordinaire Matthias Maute and his Ensemble Caprice.  The choral music sung by the18 artists offered typically reverent praise of God in lyric. The effect was magical mysticism. Bach’s Magnificat and Arvo Pärt shared most of the compositional honours – the former having been born in 1685, the latter still living. Yet the message of each was clearly similar as each verse resounded brilliantly in the Baroque vein; the technical virtuosity of the vocalists and mid-sized orchestra was noticeably unified. The message was mainly of praise, glory and humility, though solemnity and reference to those who shun God’s omnipotence was evident in Part’s Magnificat. In each of his two choral songs, the choir was godly in tone and phrasing. The voices were immeasurably unified; the harmonies were glorious in colour and mood. The final notes, always lingering into the distance until silence spoke the final beat. Soloists Shannon Mercer (soprano), Philippe Martel (bass) were particularly captivating in Bach’s Magnificat.  Matthias Maute’s lively energy swooped over the musicians, leading them on to perform with gusto the Bourée and Gig in Bach’s Suite III BWV 1068. Although it got off to an uneven start, an exquisite balance of expression and tempo effortlessly overtook the first flaws of looseness in the overture.
The program opened with Antonio Lotti’s Crucifixus à 8, and tears came to my eyes. This choir was outstanding. Superb colouring and a multi-layering of voices in deep minor harmonics was both haunting and eternal.  Finally, in contrast, the robust energy of the entire ensemble showed off its spritely sparkle in Bach’s Magnificat. Everyone left feeling uplifted - that all was right with the world.

Friday 27 January 2012

The Iron Lady / La Dame de Fer by / par Phyllida Lloyd

"The Iron Lady" is the nickname given to ex British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (born 1925 in Grantham) by the Soviet Union in 1976. It referred to her staunch opposition to Communism.
 Her parents were working class; her father being grocer. In the early 1940s, she had a political awakening. She was accepted at Oxford to study chemistry. At a town meeting she heard her father giving a passionate pro-Tory speech and her mother relegated to kitchen duties, uninvolved with political affairs. Thatcher saw her acceptance at Oxford as an opportunity to escape the status quo; and this she most certainly did.
In 1951, she marries Denis Thatcher, a successful businessman and gives birth in 1953 to twins Carol and Mark. In 1959, she wins a seat in the House of Commons for the Conservatives. She is appointed Secretary of State for Education and Science in 1970. She is elected leader of the Conservative Party in 1975. In 1979, she becomes the first woman in the West to be a head of state and moves into 10 Downing Street to be Britain's Prime Minister. She remains so until 1990, the longest service time in the 20th Century.
Rather than a straight linear narrative depicting Thatcher's life, the director has chosen a reflective path giving the film a more compelling and less academic feel. Thatcher is now in her 80s and her husband Denis is alive only in her imagination. She has agreed that it is now time to part with the past and pack away her husband's things. Her daughter Carol has agreed to help. As she begins this bittersweet process, significant past memories are triggered. The former PM is having difficulty in distinguishing between past and present.
Meryl Streep gives the performance of her career in her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher, "The Iron Lady."

"La Dame de Fer" est le surnom donné à l'ex Premier Ministre Britannique Margaret Thatcher (née en 1925 à Grantham) par l'Union Soviétique en 1976. C’était une allusion à son ardente opposition au communisme.
Ses parents étaient de la classe ouvrière; son père étant épicier. Dans les années 1940, elle avait un éveil politique. Elle a été acceptée à Oxford pour étudier la chimie. Lors d'une réunion du conseil municipale, elle a entendu son père donner un discours passionnément pro-Tory et sa mère relégués à des tâches de cuisine, non impliqués dans les affaires politiques. Thatcher a vu son acceptation à Oxford comme une occasion de s'échapper du statu quo; et cela qu'elle a certainement réussi.
En 1951, elle épouse Denis Thatcher, un  homme d'affaires réussi, et donne naissance en 1953 à des jumeaux, Carol et Mark. En 1959, elle remporte un siège à la Chambre des Communes pour les Conservateurs. Elle est nommée Secrétaire d'État pour l'Éducation et de la Science en 1970. En 1975, elle est élue chef du Parti Conservateur. En 1979, elle devient la première femme de  l'Occident pour être élue Chef d'État et se déplace dans 10 Downing Street à être le Premier Ministre de Grande-Bretagne. Elle demeure à ce poste jusqu'en 1990, le plus longue période de service du XXe siècle. 
Plutôt qu’un narratif linéaire tout droit pour décrire la vie de Thatcher, le réalisateur a choisi un chemin réflectif qui donne a ce film un sentiment plus irrésistible et moins académique. Thatcher est maintenant octogénaire et son mari, Denis est vivant que dans son imagination. Elle a accepte qu'il est maintenant le temps de se séparer du passé et d’emballer les choses de son mari. Sa fille Carol a accepté de l'aider. Comme elle commence ce processus doux-amer, des vieux souvenirs signifiant se déclenchent. L'ancien PM a de la difficulté à distinguer entre le passé et le présent. 
Meryl Streep donne la performance de sa carrière en jouant son rôle de Margaret Thatcher, "La Dame de Fer."

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Kenny Aaronson Discography / Discographie

(updated / mise a jour April 11 Avril 2013)

Born: 1952 N.Y.   / Né à N.Y. 1952  
Plays: Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Drums and Producer / Joues : Basse, guitare, chant, batterie et producteur.   

Under his own name: 
2013 Through the Fire                                                                                                           
(with / avec: Michael Shrieve, Neal Schon, Sammy Hagar)
He has appeared as a sideman on / Il est apparu comme sideman sur: 
Artist - Last                      First                                                    Year Album
  1.      Axis (U.S.)                                                                  “1978 It's a Circus World”,
  2.       Black Sabbath                                                             “1996 Under Wheels of Confusion: 1970-1987”,
  3.       Blue Öyster Cult                                                        “1986 Club Ninja”,”1988 Imaginos”,“2012 The Complete Columbia Albums Collection”
  4.        Bomb               Adam                                               “2001 New York Times”
  5.      Cochran           Stevie                                             “2001 Got to have a Song”, “2011 Next Stage”,  
  6.   Common                                                                  “1992 Can I Borrow a Dollar? ”,
  7.   Daho                 Etienne                                          “1991 Paris Ailleurs”, “1999 Best of Etienne”,
  8.  Derringer         Rick                                                   “1976 Derringer”, “1977 Live”,” “1977 Live in Cleveland”, “1977 Sweet Evil”,“1978 If I Weren't So Romantic, I'd Shoot You”, “1979 Guitars and Women”, “1996  Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo: The Best of ... ”, “2000 Live at the Paradise Theatre Boston, Massachusetts: July 7, 1978”,
  9.   Devlin              K.P.                                                 “2001 Shot Down the Stars”, “2009 The Occidental Taurus”, “2011 Knowledge & Power”,
  10.  Dust                                                                             “1971 Dust”, “1972 Hard Attack”,
  11.   Dylan                 Bob                                                   “1992 San Francisco Bay Blues”,
  12. Eddie                 John                                                  “2001 Guy Walks into a Bar”, “2003 Who the Hell Is ...? ”,
  13. Edmunds         Dave                                                    “1985 Porky's Revenge! OST (R/I 2004 with 2 extra tracks)”,”1993 Anthology (1968-1990)”,
  14. Exuma                                                                   1973 Reincarnation”
  15.   Fuchs                Dana                                                 “2003 Lonely for a Lifetime”, “2011 Love to Beg”,
  16.   Half Past 6                                                                    “2009 Got Late Early”,
  17.   HSAS (Hagar, Schon, Aaronson, Shrieve)                 “1984 Through the Fire”,
  18.   Idol                    Billy                                                      “1985/1987 Vital Idol”, “1988 Idol Songs: 11 of the Best“,
  19.   Jett                    Joan                                                    “1994 Flashback”,” “1994 Pure and Simple”,”1997 Fit to be Tied”,
  20.    Kurtz                Dana                                                 “2009 American Standard” ,
  21.    Landa                Benny                                               “2000 Niche”, “2010 From the Rain to the Sun”,
  22.  Lawson & Guerra                                                      “1999 Mambo Sons”,
  23.  Life Dot Com                                                            “2000 Beautiful”,
  24. Main Man Record V/A                                            “2008 Santa's Soundtrack for the Happenin' Holidaze”, “2011 Take It or Leave It: A Tribute to the Queens of Noise - The Runaways”,
  25.   Maria Ex-Communicata                                        “1990 Maria Ex-Communicata (demo) »
  26. McDonald       Ian                                                      “1999 Driver's Eyes”,
  27.   McGovern       James                                              “2005 Keep it Burnin’”,
  28.   Merrill               Alan                                                    “2003 Double Shot Rocks”, “2006 At the Candy Shop”,
  29.    Monroe           Michael                                            “1989 Not Fakin' It”,
  30.   Mountain                                                                  “2007 Master of War”,
  31.   Paris                  Jon                                                     “1996 Rock the Universe”,
  32.  Parker               Graham                                          “1996 Live from New York, NY”,
  33.   Private              Gary                                                 “1983 Secret Love”,
  34. Reprise            V/A                                                  “1993 Wayne’s World 2 (OST)”
  35.    Rigg                  Mark                                              “2003 Midnight Show Tonight”
  36.   Scarlet              Richie                                              “1997 Wise Guy from New York”,
  37.   Setzer               Brian                                               “1986 Knife Feels Like Justice”,
  38.   Shafritz                            Greg                             “2005 I Guess it wasn’t Love”
  39.   Shanachie       V/A                                                “1993 Brace Yourself!: A Tribute to Otis Blackwell”,
  40.  Silver Condor                                                        “1983 Trouble at Home”,
  41.   Spector            Ronnie                                          “1987 Unfinished Business”,
  42. Spedding         Chris                                                  “1990 Cafe Days”,
  43. Squier               Billy                                                  “1991 Creatures of Habit”,”1995 Sixteen Strokes”,
  44.   Stories                                                                       “1973 Traveling Underground”,
  45.  Thrasher                                                              “1985 Thrasher”, “2007 Burning at the Speed of Light”
  46.  Walker              Joe Louis                                          “1994 J.L.W. ”,
  47.   Warmth In The Wilderness                                     “2001 ...: A Tribute to Jason Becker”,
  48.  Waterboys, The                                                          “1993 Dream Harder”,