Monday 30 June 2014

Denis Barsalo Discography / Discographie

Dorval, QC *                                                   
Technical Credits: Engineer, Mix, Mastering, Tambourine
Plays:  *Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Crédits Techniques: Ingénieur, Mix, Gravure, Tambourine
Joue : *Guitare, Basse, Chant

Discography / Discographie:  
Artist (Last)              First                        Year Album  

  1. Altys Jazz Orchestra                          “2012 Uncorked (recorded / enregistrer 1995)”,
  2. Arthur & Friends                                “1998 Arthur & Friends”, “1998 The ...  First Almost Real Not Live CD”, 
  3. Axe                                                                  “1985 Rouler.... Rouler b/w Wo La" (7" single),

  4. Christianson          Denny                   “1986 Suite Mingus”,
  5. Ferland                 Jean-Pierre           “1992  Bleu Blanc Blues”, 
  6. Hallyday               Johnny                  “1985   Rock'n'roll attitude b/w La blouse de l'infirmière", "1985 Quelque Chose de Tennessee  b/w Equipe de Nuit", “1986 Aimer Vivre b/w Qui Ose Aimer" (3 - 7" singles), 
  7. Next Door Blues Band, The *            “????-present"
  8. Offenbach (w. Plume La Traverse)    “1983 À Fond D'Train Live",
  9. Rational Youth                                    “1983 Rational Youth” (12” mini), 
  10. Rounder V/A                                       “2001 Bright Spaces”,
  11. Roy                        Gildor                    “1994 Une Autre Chambre d'Hôtel”,
  12. Simard                   Nathalie                "1984 La Guerre des Tuques",
  13. Sony V/A                                            “1995 Madeline’s Favourite Songs”, 
  14. Williams               Carlyle                      “1988 Gotta Go for It! ”,
  15.   Workman             Nanette                 “1983 Nanette Workman (Kébec-Disc)

Filmography / Filmographie:
Music department /  Département de musique  
 1997 Night of the Demons III (Video / Vidéo) (music mixer / mélangeur de musique)    
 1985 The Peanut Butter Solution (assistant musical engineer / ingénieur assistant de musique)   
 Sound department / Département de Son
 1998 Meanwhile (Short / Court-métrage) (dialogue recordist / enregistreur de dialogue)     

Sunday 29 June 2014

Noam Murro’s “300: Rise of an Empire”

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

Don’t expect historical accuracy here, but the exaggeration is effectively dramatic, as this film should be, as it’s based on Miller’s graphic novel,
“Xerxes”. The plot pits Themistocles against one of the mid-fifth-century Persian invasions. His biggest threat was Xerxes and his adopted sister, Artemisia. She hates the Greeks and ends up commandeering Persian ships against them in several naval battles. In reality, this ferocious fighter contributed five ships to the warring Persians – a female that belongs to the pantheon of other femme fatale fighters in antiquity. 

This film starts where the 2007 prequel left off with Spartan King, Leonidas (Gerald Butler) fighting off the Persians some three days before the gory tumult depicted in this film. Great graphics and suspense are captured in this artistically savvy-crafted work which brings to the present day one of the most momentous events in Greek history that turned the tides of democracy our way. Sullivan Stapleton as the noble, gritty Themistocles was great, as was his opponent, Artemisia, awesomely acted by Eva Green.

This film was viewed, compliments of Le SuperClub Vidéotron, 5000, rue Wellington Verdun, QC.
 Ce film a été visionné, avec les compliments de Le SuperClub Vidéotron, 5000, rue Wellington Verdun, QC.

Friday 27 June 2014

Monthly Film Chronicle – June 2014

Chronique  Mensuelles de Film –   Juin 2014

A monthly chronicle of films (features, medium or shorts) seen throughout the current month from any source. Commentaries will be limited to 99 words or less. Film festivals will be hyperlinked. If time permits certain films will be elaborated on and be posted under the label “Film Box Office” (100-399 words) or “Film Review” (400 or more) (number of words based on English only). 
Une chronique mensuelle de films (long-, moyen- ou court-métrages) vu tout au long du mois en cours de n'importe quelle source. Les commentaires sera limitée à 99 mots ou moins. Les festivals du film seront notés avec un lien hypertexte. Si le temps le permet certains films seront élaborer  et afficher sous l'étiquette « Film Box Office » (100-399 mots) ou « Film Review » (400 ou plus) (le nombre de mots est basé sur l’Anglais seulement).

(Last update  / Dernière mis-a-jour: June 27 Juin  2014
Films are listed the order seen scrolling down.   Films seront énumérés en ordre vue défilant vers le bas.)

La Petite Reine, Canada 2014, 108m, Alexis Durand Brault
This riveting and powerful drama, loosely inspired by the real-life experiences of Olympic cyclist Geneviève Jeanson, delves into the world of athletes taking performance enhancing drugs. Julie Arsenault, star cyclist of her team, has only two more races to go until the World Cup race in Belgium. She and her team’s chances of winning are very high. Unfortunately for her, the Cycling Federation decides to crack down on doping. Doping since she was 14, she becomes a primary target. When her doctor denounces her, she desperately tries to find a way out of the abuse, lies and betrayal.

Ce drame rivetage et puissant, librement inspirés par les expériences réelles du cycliste olympique Geneviève Jeanson, plonge dans le monde des athlètes prenant les drogues améliorant la performance. Julie Arsenault, cycliste étoile de son équipe, a seulement deux courses de  la course pour la Coupe du Monde en Belgique. La probabilité qu’elle et de son équipe de gagner sont très grandes. Malheureusement pour elle, la Fédération Cycliste décide de sévir contre le dopage. Sur le dopage depuis l’âge de14 ans, elle devient une cible primaire. Quand son docteur la dénonce, elle essaye désespérément de trouver une sortie de l'abus, des mensonges et de la trahison.

Vann "Piano Man" Walls: The Spirit of R&B, Canada 2013, 83m, Steven Morris

Harry Vann “Piano Man” Walls (born 1918 in Kentucky, died 1999 in Montreal) was one of the pioneers of Rhythm and Blues and was influential in taking Atlantic Records from a small independent to one of the largest today. The film traces the evolution of R&B. Vann’s heyday was from the 40s to the early 60s when he slipped into obscurity. His reemergence came when he performed with Dr John in 1990. The film also features the recording of his final album, In the Evening (released in 1997) with the Stephen Barry Band. An exciting tribute to a legendary musician. 

Harry Vann "Piano Man" Walls (1918 en Kentucky, mort 1999 à Montréal) a été l'un des pionniers du Rhythm and Blues et était influent dans l’évolution d’Atlantic Records d'un petit indépendant à l'un des plus grand aujourd'hui. Le film retrace l'évolution de R & B. L'apogée de Vann était des années 40 au début des années 60 quand il a glissé dans l'obscurité. Sa réapparition est venue quand il a joué avec  Dr John en 1990. Le film comporte également l'enregistrement de son dernier album, In the Evening (sorti en 1997) avec le Stephen Barry Band. Un hommage passionnant pour un musicien légendaire.

Saturday 14 June 2014

“Son of God” ... A Miraculous film

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

This carefully paced, sublime movie masterpiece is inspiring as it fluidly takes us on the journey of Jesus and his apostles. Jesus of Nazareth begins to gather his closest friends to his god-given enlightenment, power and holy manner, saying simple yet such eternal words of love and wisdom that we hear in The Gospel. Things are looking good, but The Jews are threatened by his coming to Jerusalem on their Passover feast. Judas has told the leader of the Jews where the Holy One is having supper – his final one – as he knows. Interestingly, the film shows Pontus Pilot, the prefect as giving Jesus the chance to live but the vote will be taken by the people. As he appears, we have just witnessed a barbaric scene where he endures 40 lashes,
Portuguese Diego Morgado, the beautiful actor who played Jesus was excellent.
Of course the film without much to-do shows Jesus in various situations working miracles on the common person. His Holy Ghost visits John, now exiled who has outlived the other followers. Jesus tells him that all will start anew and that is when he will return. 

  Directed by Christopher Spencer, the film is yet another interpretation on the immeasurable holy goodness of Jesus and Mankind’s inability to accept him and live in his path.

This film was viewed, compliments of Le SuperClub Vidéotron, 5000, rue Wellington Verdun, QC.
 Ce film a été visionné, avec les compliments de Le SuperClub Vidéotron, 5000, rue Wellington Verdun, QC.