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AAC / Aad Discography Project

 Projet Discographique  AAC / Aad

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A compiling of all artists with Aac, AAC, A.A.C., AAD, A.A.D. or Aad as a first name, an alias, an acronym or as one word in a group name.  For entries marked “See separate entry” the hyperlink will be inserted as the articles are posted.
Une compilation de tous les artistes avec Aac, AAC, AAC, AAD, A.A.D. ou Aad comme un prénom, un alias, un acronyme ou un mot dans un nom d’un groupe. Pour les entrées marquées «Voir entrée distincte » le lien hypertexte sera inséré  quand les articles seront affichés.
 Main sources: Allmusic, Discogs, CD Universe and via Google Search - individual artist’s sites (if available) and others.
 Sources principales : Allmusic, Discogs, CD Universe et via la recherche Google - sites de l'artiste individuel (si disponible) et d’autres.
62 in all plus A), C), Q) and BBB) have 3 entries  each /  A l'ensemble 62 plus A, C), Q) and BBB) ont 3 entrées chaque

Artist / Artiste (Last / Non de famille First name / Prénom)  Year/ Année Album / Album

A)     AAC  (Electronic / Électronique – Unknown Credits / Crédits Inconnu)
1) as per / selon SoundClick : Providence North Carolina / Caroline du Nord, a.k.a. / alias – DoubleA C  
2) As per / selon I Tunes a.k.a. / aussi DJ Carl Andrew (Mix / Mix)
3) Griswold                     Dj Chris                                   “2010 POPular, Vol. 5”

B)      A.A.C. Berlin (Translation / Traduction)
Hilliard Ensemble, The                                                   “2006 Thy Kiss of a Divine Nature: The Contemporary Perotin” [DVD]

C)       AAD or /ou A.A.D. (# 2 & 3)
1: Members / Membres: Jürgen Dahmen (Organ / Orgue), Michael Mertens (Keyboards, Electronics / Claviers, Élecroniques), Peter Krick (Drums, Vocals, Engineer, Producer / Batterie, Chant, Ingénieur, Producteur,) – all veterans / tous vétérans.
Ata Tak V/A                                                                 “1996 Electric City Düsseldorf”,
2: Danish death-metal band / Groupe death-metal Danois
– Acronym for / Acronyme pour Angel Accelerator Death:
1994 Gold (9-track demo / démo de 9 pistes)
Progress Records V/A (One track on compilation/ Un piste sur la compilation) “1994 Fuck You We're From Denmark – 3”  

3: German electronic artist (Producer, Mixer) / Artiste électronique Allemand (Producteur, Mix)
        Acronym for / Acronyme pour Analogues are Dancing
1995 I Wish I was your Lover

D) Aad Behage (Synthesiser, Producer, Engineer, Mix / Synthétiseur, Producteur, Ingénieur, Mix)
S.W.                                                                                   “2012 The Adventurous World of ...”
Perfect Match, The                                                         “Change” (Maxi)
Kuni Kids                                                                           “1992 Congo Square”

E)      Aad Boer (Mandolin, Bouzouki, Guitar / Mandoline, Bouzouki, Guitare)
Kummel                                                                               “1987 Karwei”,

F)      Aad Bos (Born / Né 1931 Rotterdam)  

Credits: Producer, Announcer, Technical, Liner Notes  
 Crédits : Producteur, Speaker, Techniques, Notes de Pochette)
Radio producer and announcer: 1957-1992 at VARA and 1992-1996 at VPRO (hosted Jazz Op Vier – Jazz in Four).
Producteur et speaker de radio : 1957-1992 à VARA et 1992-1996 à VPRO (a animé Jazz op Vier – Jazz en Quatre).
Ayler                                Albert                                          “1964 The Hilversum Session “
Contraband                                                               “1995 Boy Edgar Suite”
Courbois                       Pierre                                          “1997  Reouverture”
Cuypers                        Leo                                    “1985 Brull Band”,
Davis                             Miles                                  “2013 Amsterdam 1957”
Dolphy                         Eric                                       “1964 Last Date”
Dulfer & Perikels                                                       “1981I Didn’t Ask”
Dutch Jazz Orchestra                                                  “2008 Plays the Music of Rob Madna”
Gysbert                                                                       “1984 Frisipaasje”
Hendriks                       Gijs                                         “1981 Summer Session”
Hilversum Conservatory of Music   / Metropole Orchestra “1995 The music of Duke Ellington”
Intermission                                                                                        “1995 Song of Low Songs”
Langenhuijsen              Niko                                         “1984 Hypo”
Searing Quartet                                                              “1997 Jazz op Vier”
Slinger                          Cees                                                         “2005 Then and Now: 1966-2000”
Terry                             Clark                                        “1965 Vara Radio 1965”  
Thomas                           Rene                                           “1973 Live at Theater de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, Holland”
Urtreger                          René                                           “1957… Quartet with Miles Davis at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) December 8, 1957”

G)     Aad Brakus (name variation for / variation du nom pour Adriaan Brakus)
See separate entry / Voir entrée distincte

H)     A.A.D. Cooley (Comedy, Spoken / Comédie, Orale )
Harvard Lampoon                                                          “2003 No Escape from Danger”
I)        Aad de Bruin (Bass / Basse)
Sheharimkoor                                                                 “1975  Een Lang En Oud Verhaal”

J)        Aad de Clerq (Guitar, Vocals  / Guitare, Chant)
Rot                                         Jan                                     “1982 Single / simple”, “1988 Rot, Warm & Tender”, “1992 Counting Sheep (Single / simples ’82-’88)”,
Streetbeats                                                                     “1979 Streetbeats” (12” mini), “1979 Boys and Girls”, “1979 Its My Cars” (7”)

K)      Aad de May
Variation of Bjram Ademai, a German DJ and electronic music producer 
Variation de Bjram Ademai, un DJ et producteur de  musique électronique d’origine  Allemand.                      


L)   Aad de Mooy (Moy)

      (Composer, Producer - Electronic / Compositeur, Producteur - Électronique)
See separate entry / Voir entrée distincte

M)   Aad de Moree (founded Harbour Jazz Band in 1956 / a fondée Harbour Jazz Band en 1956)

N)     Aad De Rijk (Bass, Vocals / Chant, Basse)
Argeo Quadri                                                                       “2005 Verdi: La Forza del Destino”, “2011 Verdi: La Forza del Destino”
BRV V/A                                                                             “2007 French Opera Masterworks”
Fournet                     Jean                                                    "2000 Saint-Saëns: Samson et Dalila", "2004 Saint-Saëns: Samson et Dalila" 
Olivero                       Magda                                                “Magda Olivero”

O)     Aad de Wit (Drums / Batterie)
Gielesen                              Wim                                   “2009 The Musical Mix” (DVD)

P)      Aad Giezen South Holland, Netherlands / Hollande du Sud, Pays-Bas (Guitar / Guitare)
Creepmine                                                                             “1995-98”, “1995 Chiascuro” 
Inner Sanctum                                                                       “1994 Song in Time” (demo / demo)

Q)     Aad Hollander
1)      Drums / Batterie:   

As leader / En tant que leader (Trio from Hell)
“2009 Rauberrinen
Appears on / Apparait sur:
Baby Jail                                                                            “2012 Ländler Workshop (EP)”,”2012 Zemäntfabrik” (7”)  
Happysad, The                                                                   ”1993 Heavy Load for Hearts”, “2001 Country Guerilla”,
Hillbilly Moon Explosion, The                                            “1998-2001”, “2002 Introducing ...”, “2005 By Popular Demand” 
M.A. Draje Records V/A                                                    “1986 Emma”
Morzelpronk Fortress                                                        “1993 Not Light, No House
Oswald                                                                                 “1994 Oswald”    
Plot, The                                                                               “1990 Thickens”  
Zowiso (Slanders)                                                                 “1980-1986”, “1982 At a Jogtrot to Death”, 1983 Split Album (with / avec Zwembaden), “1985 The Lust”
2) Percussion / Percussion:
Dolores                                   Kampec                           “1988 Kampec Dolores”, “1993 Two into One –Levitation & 1st LP 
3) Accordion / Accordéon:
So Much Hate                                                               “1990 Seein Red” 
Perverted by Desire                                                      “1992 La Sigla del Sadico Esperto”  

R)      Aad Hooft (Drums / Batterie)
Benton                               Oscar                                          “1974-75”
Bintangs, The                                                                        “1968-74”,”2001”, “2008”, “1969 Blues on the Ceiling”, “1970 Travelling in the U.S.A.”, “1972 Ridin’ with the Bintangs”, “???? I’m on my Own Again (1969-72)”,
Blue Eyed Blues Band                                                           “1975 Blue Eyed Baby”
Clarks, The                                                                               “1968 All the Time / Spanish Fly” (7”)
Dykes                                 Frank                                             “2013”
Limonaya                                                                                   “1974Walk, Walk, Walk/Waiting For The Summer ” (7”)

S)      Aad Kagenaar (Vocals / Chant)
Final Unit                                                                                 “1983 Final Unit” (12”)

T)      Aad Klaris (Adrianus Klaris 

   – Vocals,  Producer, Composer / Chant, Producteur, Compositeur)
See separate entry / Voir entrée distincte


U)     Aad Kloosterwaard 

      (Drums / Batterie, Vocals / Chant)
See separate entry / Voir entrée distincte


 V)     Aad  Kramer  (Composer, Arranger, Conductor, Producer  
 Compositeur, Arrangeur, Chef d’Orchestre, Producteur)
van Gorp                         Corrie                 “1980 Ik Ben Alie Van De Wegenwacht” (7”)
Possible mistake – S/R Ad Kramer? (Dutch producer, songwriter and arranger; also plays bass Guitar / Guitare, keyboards and accordion – born 1945), 19 on AllMusic, 385 credits on Discogs 
Erreur possible – devrait lire Ad Kramer ? (Producteur, auteur-compositeur et arrangeur Néerlandais; joue aussi la  guitare, basse, claviers et – né en 1945), 19 sur AllMusic, 385 crédits sur Discogs

W)   Aad Kuiper (Composer / Compositeur)
Vera                                   Danny                                               “Headin’ for the City” (Single / simple)

X)      Aad Lampe (Composer / Compositeur)
Decca V/A                                                                                     “Sterenparade 2”  
Dobber                                Winnie                                            “?????
Klumpkes Blumkes                                                                     “1993 Kom Kom”

Y)      Aad Laros (Saxophone / Saxophone)
1988 Big Band Bollenstreek
Jack and his All-Timers                                                                 “1974 Jack and his All-Timers”, “1997 Blow and Blaze”

Z)       Aad Link (Trumpet, Engineer, Management, Producer, Liner Notes) Owns BGM Studio
(Trompette, Gestion, Producteur, Ingénieur,  Notes de Pochette) Propriétaire du Studio  BGM
B.R.   V/A                                                                         “2002 Hitdossier 70's, Vol. 2”
Buddy Odor Stop, The                                                  “1979 ... is a Gas”,
Chabot                                       Bart                              “1981 De Dag Dat De Derde Wereldoorlog Ook Aan Ons Land Niet Onopgemerkt Voorbij Ging” (7”)
Los Alegres                                                                     “1977 Yes I Do Like Your Bermuda” (7”)
Nits, The                                                                          "1979 Tent", “ 1980 New Flat",  “1981 Work", “ 1983 Omsk”, “1983 Kilo”, “ 1984 Adieu Sweet Banhof”, “1986 Henk”, “ 1988 Hat”,“1989 Urk”, “1994 dA dA dA", “1995 Nest”, “2003 1974” (+DVD), “ 2004 2004” (DVD), “2005 Les Nuits”    
Gruppo Sportivo                                                             “1978 10 Mistakes”, “1979 Mistakes”,   
Hi Ho Silver                                                                      “1992 2”   
Santing                                             Mathilde                 “1983 Hand in Hand” (12”),    
Stips                                                 Robert Jan             “1981 U.P.”, “1996 Egotrip”, “1999 Greyhound” 
Sweet OK Sister                                                                 “2006 Live at the Paradiso Amsterdam 2000” DVD  

AA) Aad Lohman (Composer / Compositeur)
Quadro Sax                                                                       “1986 Quadro Sax”

BB)  Aad Maas Hilligom Netherlands / Pays-Bas (Guitar, Vocals / Organ, / Chant,  Guitare, Orgue)
Group $oall*                                                                       “1967-1969”, “1967 Will You Teach Me how to Love”, “1997 Stephanie” (7”), “1999 By My Side”
*Also Known As / Aussi connu comme:
The Rocking Stars, Tommy Clifford & The Applicants, Jerry & The Applicants, J. and the A’s

CC)  Aad Molenaar (Producer / Producteur)
M&M Productie V/A                                                        “1982 Ymond Pop",     
DD) Aad Morkos (Percussion, Tambourine / Percussions, Tambourin )  
Keyrouz                                      Sœur Marie                  “1992 Chant Traditionnel Maronite”, “2004 Chant byzantin / Chant Traditionnel Maronite", "Cantiques de l’Orient",
Morkos                                          Kamâl                             "1996 Cèdre – Muwashahât Arabo-Andalous"               

EE)   Aad Mouthaan (Mouthan) Born / Né 1974 Rotterdam 

(Composer, Producer, Mix / Compositeur, Producteur, Mix)
Gabriel & Castalon & Chapell                                    "???? All About You part 2” 
Subcquence                                                                  “2010 D’Afrique”, “2012 Cyfi”, “2012 Good Shot”

Various Tunes V/A                                                       “2011 SLAM!FM Presents Springdance 2011 Megamix Top 100  (1 track with / 1 piste avec Peter Gelderblom)”

FF)   Aad Peters 

      (Voice, Vocals, Actor / Voix, Chant, Acteur)
Govers                            Harry                    “1986 D'r Kan Nog Meer Bij  

GG)            Aad Polanen (Drums / Batterie)
Light                                Tony                                          “1978 ... and the Bell Boys”

HH)  Aad Spanjaard  Born / Né Hague 1947

Photography / Photographie, Layout, Lithography, Liner Notes, Booklet Editor  
 Photographie, Mise en Page, Lithographie, Notes de Pochette, Éditeur de Livret  
Worked for music magazines Hitkrant and Muziek Expres in Holland in the seventies / eighties.
A travaillé pour les revues de la musique Hitkrant et Muziek Expres en Hollande dans les années 70 / 80
Records / Disques :
Ahora Mazda                                   “1999 Ahora Mazda
(Pseudonym Reissue of 1970 album  
                                         Pseudonyme réédition de l’album sortie en 1970)
Albert                                 Koos                                         “1984 Koos Alberts”
Brouwers                           Dolf                                          “1985 Oh Wat Is Het Toch Fijn Om Gelukkig Te Zijn” (7”), “1986 Mooi Is Het Leven Met Jou”, (7”)
de Munk                            Danny                                       “1985 Single / simple Book Nr. 2” (7”),
Dolly Dots                                                                            “1985 Single / simple Book Nr. 4” (7”),
Smile                                                                                     “1997 Ghost of a Smile”
van Duin                           André                                           “1981 Me Kammetje / Ik Heb 'M Nog Wel...” (7”)
Bibliography / Bibliographie: Author /Auteur, Photos only / Photos seulement (P)
(HR: Five guides of the events of the first and second world wars that appeared in the Historical Routes series).
(HR : Cinq guides des événements des premières et deuxièmes guerres qui sont apparu dans la série Routes Historiques).
Normandië, in de Voetsporen van de Gealliberden – 125pg 1995
Verdun, Het Slagveld en de Omstreken – 119pg 2006
Aftermath: 20 Jaars Pophistorie Door de Lens van de Camera – 139pg 2007
De Teennagels van Keith Richards by / par Karil Kanits – 150pg 2007 (P) 
HR : Normandië - druk 1 – 152pg 2008 
HR : De Ardennen - druk 1 – 166pg 2009 
HR : De slag om Arnhem - druk 1 – 180pg 2010 
HR: De slag om Vesting Holland - druk 1 – 216pg 2011   
HR: Verdun - druk 1 – 119pg 2012
HR : Normandië - druk 2 – 152pg 2014 (Dec.)  

II)      Aad Stierum (Composer – Electronic / Compositeur - Électronique)
Drive-In Productions Presents                         “1996 Aloha / Easy is the Remedy” (single / simple)

JJ)     Aad  Tieman (Music Consultant / Consultant de Musique)
Von Karajan                           Herbert                   “1988 Beethoven’s Symphonies Nos 5 & 6”

  II) Aad Timmerman (Guitar / Guitare)
Dance On                                                                “1977 Dance On with ...”, “1980 The Best of ...”

JJ)     Aad van Berkel (Vocals / Chant)
Wimps, The                                                                  “1998 Rollin’ on with the Wimps”
(Dutch punk rock band from Heeswijk-Dinther /  Groupe punk rock Néerlandaise de Heeswijk-Dinther)

KK)  Aad van Nieuwkerk  (Recording,  Liner Notes / Enregistrement, Notes de Pochette)
Senior producer and host of Jazz Live with APRO Radio 4 in the Netherlands
Producteur principal et animateur de Jazz Live avec APRO Radio 4 aux pays-bas
Netherlands Wind Ensemble                                     “2002 Una Odissea “, “2008 Roger Doyle: Under the Green Time”  

LL)    Aad van der Waal (Recording / Enregistrement )
Beekman                                     Bram                      “1999 César Franck: Organ Works Volumes 1, 2, 3”

MM) Ad (Aad) Vermeer (Guitar, Dobro, Banjo, Mandolin, Fiddle / Guitare, Dobro, Banjo, Mandoline, Violon)
Solo / En Solo:
2011 10 Slide Instrumentals
Appears on / Apparait sur: 
 Acton                                                       Tom                                       “2010 Down the Irish Gravel Road”
Sistrum                                                                                                   “1982 Rinkeltuig”, “1985 Wonderlijke Reis

NN) Aad Vermeulen (Banjo, Vocals / Banjo, Chant)
Appalachian Swing                                                  “1975 Livin’ Grass”
Chickenfeed                                                             “1977 The Best of What?!”
Dorsley Edition, The                                                “1981 Lasting Love”

OO)Aad Vermeyden (Producer / Producteur)
Snell                                           Adrian                         "1994 Solo”

PP)   Aad Wieman (?)
Vonk                 Roland                                               “2013 Rotterdan 14 Mei 1940”

QQ)Aad Wijtman (Photography / Photographie)
Ocobar                                                                          “2004 The Carousel” 

RR)  Aad Wirks (Engineer / Ingénieur)
Voice Print Records V/A                                          “2008 Stonehenge 1984: A Midsummer Night Rock Show” (DVD)

SS)   Aad en Ben(nie) (One track on each/ Un piste sur chaque)
Telstar V/A                                                               “1973 16 Hollandaise Hits 8”, “1973 16 Hollandaise Hits 9”, “1973 Ba-Ba-Barend En Andere Nieuwe Feesttreffers”

TT)   Fred en Aad (Ferry Koestering and Adrian Kuipers) R
2004 Mijn Konijn En Ik (7”)  
2005 Multi-Multi-Multi Single / simple (7”)

UU)Johnny and Aad
1993 Feyenoord Is Kampioen (single / simple)

VV) Transportation AAD (Alex Green, Paul Laidlaw)                
2011 Last Train to Lexington (12”)
Darkestral Recordings V/A                                          “2011 Darkestral EP” (12”)

WW)            Aad van der Hoek 

     (Cover Art Direction, Cover Design, Digital Transfers, Mixing, Recording, Engineer, Photography,   Interviewer, Memorabilia, Coordination, Compilation Producer, Sleeve Notes, Song Selection.
Founded Jamaican Gold, a Netherlands based reggae label, in 1992.
Direction d’Art, Conception de la Couverture, Transfert Numérique, Mixage, Ingénieur, Ingénieur, Photographie, Interviewer, Souvenirs, Coordination, Producteur De Compilation, Notes de Pochette, Sélection de Chanson.
 A fondé Jamaican Gold, une maison de disque reggae basé des Pays-Bas, en 1992. See separate entry / Voir entrée distincte

XX)  Aad (van de(r)) Kreeft   

      Born / Né 1946 Wassenaar, Netherlands / Pays-Bas
(Guitar , Vocals/ Guitare, Chant); Band History / Histoire de Groupe:
Heralds, The                                 “1967”, 1 single / simple
Spatial Concept                              “1967-68”,
In-Crowd, The                               “1968-69” 1 single / simple, “I’ll be Free”
George Cash                                     “1969”, 1 single / simple,
Big Wheel                                         “1970” 2 singles / simples
Blue Planet                                        “1970-71”, 2 singles / simples
Think Tank                                         “1971-72”, “1972 Think Tank”
Twelve O’clock                             “1972-74”, 1 single / simple
Lava                                                                                    “????”,
Electric Blues                                                                    “2011-present”, 2 DVDs

YY) Aad van den Heuvel (Unknown credits, Stage & Screen / Crédits inconnus, scéne & écran)
Cursief                                                                               “1974 Cursief 74”, “Dan Liever De Lucht in”,
Stout Holland V/A                                                           “1981 Natte Noten”, 

ZZ)   Aad van der Hoeven

      (Organ, Conductor / Orgue, Chef d'Orchestre)  
See separate entry / Voir entrée distincte   

AAA) Aad van der Valk   

Kwintsheul , Netherlands / Pays-Bas;
(Guitar, Bass [Pedals], Harmonica, Vocals / Guitare, Basse [Pédales], Harmonica, Chant)
Confiture                                               “????”  
Differences                                             “1985 The Voyage”
Spint                                                       “????”

BBB) Aad van der Ven (Liner Notes / Notes de Pochette)
Culture Editor for Den Haag Centraal, The Hague, Netherlands
Rédacteur en chef de culture pour Den Haag Centraal, la Haye, Pays-Bas
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra                             2005 Bruckner: Symphony No. 8 “
Jansons                                              Mariss           “2006 Sibelius: Symphony No. 2 “,"2007 Mahler: Symphony No. 1", “2009 Bruckner: Symphonies Nos. 3 & 4”,2010 Dvorak: Requiem; Symphony No. 8 “ 

CCC) Aad van Dijk Rotterdam;
1)      Keyboards, Trumpet / Claviers, Trompette
Serenade                                                                “1969-1973”, “1970 Sympfonietta” (7”)  
2)      As / Comme Aad Dijkhuisen  (keyboards / Claviers) 
Flame "????"
3)      Flute

 DDD)Aad van Pijlen 

Born 1950 Leiden, Netherlands  / Né 1950 Leyde, Pays-Bas
(Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Producer / Basse, Guitare, Chant, Producteur)  
Brood                                   Herman            “????”
Deelder                               J.A.                     “1993 Deelder Drumt”, “???? Drumt en Leest”
Fossen                                 Robbert               “Bobby’s Tears – Chicago on my Mind”
Freelance Band                                                             “1980-86”, “2009-present”,  “1980 Rough ‘N’ Tuff”, “1985 Midnight Powerhouse”, 
Himalaya                                                                             “????”
Little Boogie Boy                                                             “2011 Blues  in my Bedroom”, “2014 Its all in the Blues”
Livin’ Blues                                                                       “1980-89”, “1987 Now”, “1989 Snakedance”,
MacBeth                              Pam                                       “2011” (concert / spectacle)
Men in Blues                                                                      “2007-????”
Spieker                                Andrew                                   “2005 Last”  
Strangers, The                                                                    “1964-????”

  EEE) Aad van Toor;  

Born 1942 as Adriaan Gerard van Toor; Composer / Compositeur, Lyricist, Producer, Vovals / Chant. From 1957 to 1995 he played an acrobat along with his brother Bas, who played a clown, in Bassie & Adriaan, a Dutch circus duo and later a children’s television show – 1978-95).
Né en 1942 comme Adriaan Gerard van Toor ; Compositeur, parolier, producteur, chant. De 1957 à 1995, il a joué un acrobate avec son frère Bas, qui a joué un clown, dans Bassie Adriaan &, un duo de cirque Hollandais et plus tard un série de télévision pour enfants – 1978-95).


 FFF) Aad van Vliet (Photography / Photographie)
Borstlap                                                 Michiel                         "2004 Piano Solo / Standards

 GGG) Aad van Vugt (Bass, Vocals / Basse, Chant)
Flyin’ Spiderz, The                                                                    “1977 The Flyin’ Spiderz”   

  HHH) Lower East Side Aad (Vocals / Chant)
Deadstoolpidgeon                                                                    “1996 Strike Anthem”

 III) Sandra Abi-Aad (Photography / Photographie)
Kepler                                                                                     “1998 Kepler” (7”) 


  JJJ) Jean Abi-Aad (جان أبي عاد) (Lebanese / Libanais) (Lyricist / Parolier)
Clark Sammy “1980 My Favourite Songs