Fowl Crossing (released December 2020) directed by Nancy Snipper


Fowl Crossing garners top award in Macedonian festival

ART FILM AWARDS Interview with director: Nancy Snipper

Firstly, I want to thank Arts Film Awards for honoring Fowl Crossing as Best Animated Film. This means so much to me, as does the opportunity to be interviewed.

Entering the journey into animation comes as a surprise. Throughout my life, I’ve just let my imagination express itself in various ways.  I have an artistic soul that that won’t let up. 
I have been a professional stage and film actress, even touring in Greece, Euripides The Trojan Women. Having authored two adult books - one a novel that take place in Greece, (Floating on Lily Pads), and the other a poetry and short story collection. But my passion for children has always been foremost in my life. This is reflected in the children’s books I’ve written, and also in my first animation short, Tapping Tango – made in 2018. 

I never expected to become a director of animation, writing the scripts and doing the voicing and playing the piano music in this film. I’m a song writer with 3 CDs out, so I was able to use a verse of my song, Be You to send the message of acceptance.

Fowl Crossing holds up a mirror to all kinds of prejudice steeped in hatred. Given the recent events of the world, the film’s topic is very timely. Perhaps that’s why it’s garnered over forty awards. Fowl Crossing is about birds from many different countries trying to get past the border a fictitious country. But the check point is manned by two nasty vulture guards who hurdle invectives full of discrimination and racism. A political parody of sorts, the 5-minute film on such a serious subject still manages to be funny and entertaining. 

However, making this film was another story completely. Plagued with all kinds of setbacks, it took 3 years for it to come together. Not until, I found the outstanding Mexican animator, Eduardo Rivas did the film take its last final smooth flight. He polished it off in six weeks! Eduardo’s creativity and ability to follow directives made this film come together. I was so lucky to find the right person after almost three years of searching. Eduardo and I did it all via Zoom from Montreal to Mexico during Covid, so this made the entire process all the more challenging.

Every artist needs great support – a person or people that believe in you. Travelling along the animation journey with me was Hove Creek Productions’ manager, Sylvain Richard.  He believed in me so much, and the film’s theme, he actually put his prodigious blogging site on hold for long periods of time to do many much-needed tasks. My great support all along was the blogger Sylvain Richard who never let me give up during those critical moments of difficulty. 

Also, the voices I did for the characters needed a superb engineering audio studio. The highly renown, Planet Studios came on board for the mixing and mastering. In charge of this was Jacob Lacroix and Daniel Cinelli. They kept reassuring me everything was going to be okay, because after three years of so many ups and downs, I had become a nervous wreck. 
Prejudice is a universal evil – just look at Donald Trump’s administrative policies. So, if Fowl Crossing might have been challenging, It was worth it if this film makes you laugh, and reflect on the serious message. 

For my next film, titled Drop Foot Drag, I’m working on a unique story about an orthotic boot designed to be worn by those who have Drop Foot. The boot travels over various landscapes looking for someone who needs him. Will he find that person? 

I’m reaching out to anyone wanting to work on this touching film. I love bringing talented people to collaborate with me.

My films carry a message of love and inclusion.  I really hope Fowl Crossing resonates with all who see it.

Thank you again for this amazing award. I’m really honoured!
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Awards 2020/21/22

12th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival-2022 April 30, 2022
Fowl Crossing: Honourable Jury Mention 
Tapping Tango: Certificate of Excellence

Best Director – Animation: Aphrodite Film Awards, New York City, N. Y.
Best Director – Animation: Green Chilli International Film Festival, Gangtok, India
Best Director – Animation: Sand Dance International Film Festival, Rajasthan, India 
Best Director – Animation: Twilight Tokyo Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan
Best Animation: 2021 Drive-In Events, Long Island, N.Y. 
Best Animation: March 2021 Art Film Awards, Skopje, Macedonia
Best Animation: January 2021 Cannes World F. F., Cannes, France
Best Animation: Ghum International Film Festival, West Bengal, India
Best Animation: Golden Nugget International Film Festival, London, UK
Best Animation: Green Chilli International Film Festival, Gangtok, India
Best Animation: International Open Film Festival, Dhaka, Bangladesh  
Best Animation: Mont Blanc International Film Festival - Paris 
Best Animation: Rosebud International Film Festival (RIFF), Kolkata, India
Best Animation: Twilight Tokyo Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan
Outstanding Achievement - Director: International Open F.F., Dhaka, Bangladesh  
Outstanding Achievement - Director: Mont Blanc International Film Festival - Paris 
Outstanding Achievement: L’Age d’Or International Arthouse FF, Kolkata, India
Outstanding Achievement: La Dolce Vita Cine Roma, Rome, Italy
Outstanding Achievement: Tagore International Film Festival (TIFF), Birbhum, India
3rd Best Short Film: 1st Monthly Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia 
Honorable Mention: Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival, Athens, Greece 
Honorable Mention: Florence Film Awards, Florence, Italy
Honorable Mention: Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles, CA
Honorable Mention: Indo-Global International Film Festival, Mumbai, India 
Honorable Mention: London International Monthly Film Festival, London, U.K. 
Honorable Mention: New York Movie Awards, New York City, N. Y.
Honorable Mention: Reale Film Festival - Monthly Awards, Milano, Italy
Honorable Mention: SPLICE Film Fest, Brooklyn, New York
Honorable Mention: Venice Film Awards, Venice, Italy 
Award of Merit – Animation: Best Shorts Competition, La Jolia, CA
Nominee – Annual Sun of the East Awards Tagore I.F.F., Birbhum, India
Nominee – Best Animation Short: Indie Short Fest (January), Los Angeles, CA. 
Nominee – Best Original Song: Indie Short Fest (January), Los Angeles, CA. 
Finalist: Golden Nugget International Film Festival, London, UK 
Finalist: International Short Film Awards, N.Y.
Finalist: High Tatras Film & Video Festival, Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia
Semi-Finalist: ARFF International // Barcelona Monthly Edition, Barcelona, Spain
Semi-Finalist: Indapuram International Short Film Festival, Moinabad, India
Semi-Finalist: Madrid Film Awards, Madrid, Spain 
Quarter-Finalist: BLASTOFF Season 5 Awards, Los Angeles, CA.
Quarter-Finalist: Rising International Short Film Festival, Mumbai, India

Official Selections 2020/21
Amsterdam Short Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Anatolia International Film Festival, İstanbul, Turkey
Athens Marathon International Film Festival, Athens, Greece 
Baliwood Film Festival, Bali, Indonesia
Best Director Award, London, England 
Best Shorts Competition, La Jolia, CA
Bridge Fest, Vancouver, B.C. 
Cannes International Cinema Festival, Cannes, France 
Chicago Indie Film Awards, Chicago, Il
Cinema Sisters Int’l Film Festival, Wilmington, N.C.
Global Indie Film Fest, Glasgow, Scotland 
Golden Bridge İstanbul Short Film Festival, İstanbul, Turkey
Iconic Images Film Festival, Goštauto, Vilnius, Lithuania
Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles, CA. 
KinoDUEL International Film Festival, Moscow, Russia 
Kyev International Film Festival, Kyev, Ukraine
Le Prince International Film Festival, Caracas, Venezuela 
Markham International Film Festival, Markham, Canada
Santa Monica Shorts, Santa Monica, CA
Venice Shorts Film Festival, Venice, CA.
White Nights Film Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia
2021 Winter Film Awards International Film Festival, New York City, N. Y. 
Yellowstone International Film Festival, Noida, India</span></div>

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