Monday 30 December 2013

Mark Paterson

 British Sound Engineer / Ingénieur de Son d’Angleterre

Over 60 films since 2004; sound re-recording mixer, sound mixer, additional re-recording mixer, dubbing mixer, original dialogue mixer.
 Plus de 60 films depuis 2004 ; mixeur de son de réenregistrement, mixeur de son,  mixeur de réenregistrement additionnelle, mixeur de doublage, mélangeur, mixeur de dialogue original.  

Filmography Sound Department / Filmographie Département du Son
 2014 In His Blood (post-production / en post-production)
 2014 Divergent (post-production / en postproduction)
 2014 Cuban Fury (completed / terminer)
 2013 The Power Inside (TV Mini-Series / Mini-Série Télé) (6 Episodes / Épisodes – 1.2,3,4,5,6)  
 2013 Khumba
 2013 The World's End
 2013 Killing Season
 2012 Les Misérables (won academy award for Best Sound / Gagne l’Oscar pour meilleur son)
 2012 Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day (Documentary / Documentaire)
 2012 A Running Jump (Short / Court métrage) 
 2012 Personal Best (Documentary / Documentaire)
 2012 The Girl
 2012 The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!
 2012 Wrath of the Titans (un-credited / non-crédité)   
 2012 Acts of Godfrey
 2012 The Chemical Brothers: Don't Think (Documentary / Documentaire)
 2011 The Hot Potato
 2011 The Iron Lady (un-credited / non-crédité)   
 2011 Arthur Christmas (un-credited / non-crédité)   
 2011 Pitch Black Heist (Short / Court métrage)     
 2011 Age of Heroes
 2011 From the Ashes (Documentary / Documentaire)
 2011 March of the Dinosaurs (TV Movie Documentary / Téléfilm Documentaire)
 2011 Leila
 2011 Winnie the Pooh  
 2011 Attack the Block   
 2011 Paul  
 2011 High/Low (Documentary / Documentaire)
 2010 The American
 2010 A Bipolar Expedition (TV Movie Documentary /  Téléfilm Documentaire)
 2010 Another Year
 2010 Centurion
 2009 The Gruffalo (TV Short / Court métrage)     
 2009 Sherlock Holmes  
 2009 Paraphernalia (Short / Court métrage)     
 2009 Fantastic Mr. Fox (un-credited / non-crédité)   
 2009 Idoru (Short / Court métrage)     
 2009 Bale (Short / Court métrage)     
 2009 The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
 2009 The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (TV Series / Séries Télé – 6 Episodes / Épisodes:
- A Real Botswana Diamond    
- Beauty and Integrity     
- Problems in Moral Philosophy     
- The Boy with an African Heart   
- Poison   
 2009 Endgame
 2008 Scratch
 2008 Lost and Found (TV Short / Court métrage Télé)     
 2008 Last Chance Harvey
 2008 Tu£sday
 2008 Broken Lines
 2008 Machan
 2008 The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
 2008 Londongrad (Short / Court métrage)     
 2008 Happy-Go-Lucky
 2007 Virgin Territory
 2007 Love in the Time of Cholera
 2007 Stardust
 2007 Hot Fuzz (un-credited / non-crédité)   
 2006  Infinite Justice
 2006 Flyboys (un-credited / non-crédité)   
 2006 Children of Men
 2006 Bernard and Doris   
 2006 Spoilt Eggs (Short / Court métrage)     
 2006 Blue Blood (Documentary / Documentaire)
 2006 Alien Autopsy
 2006 Renaissance  
 2006 In a Day
 2006 Opal Dream
 2005 Dead Fish
 2005 Mrs. Harris (UK TV Movie / Téléfilm du Royaume-Uni)  
 2005 Tideland (un-credited / non-crédité)   
 2005 Hibernation (Short / Court métrage)      
 2004 Pusher II
 2004 Hotel Rwanda  

 Andy Nelson, Mark Paterson and Simon Hayes with their Oscars for achievement in sound mixing for Les Misérables
Andy Nelson, Mark Paterson et Simon Hayes avec leurs Oscars pour leurs réalisations dans le mixage de son pour Les Misérables.

Wednesday 25 December 2013

Gravity Suspends You Off Your Seat!

Directed by Alfonso Cuarón

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

This compelling 3D space odyssey film is the most terrifying ever made. The entire film takes place in space as two astronauts,  Dr, Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and the commander of the mission,  Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) are faced with the deadly aftermath of a Russian missile striking a defunct satellite causing killer debris to rapidly fly through space at the very point these two US astronauts are. 

Stone is tending to a malfunction while attached to part of the Explorer, and Kowalski is having a space walk. All chaos happens as both try to physically reach each other; Stone has lost her connection to the craft and is drifting in space until her partner is able to grab her and tie her to his own long strip, but she is running out of oxygen. It is important that the film is not described in detail to you as it will give away key moments of gut-wrenching excitement and terror facing. The cinematography of Emmanuel Lubezki is extraordinary and absolutely realistic. The music by Steven Price is just eerie and subtle enough to add further chills down your spine. There is ethereal beauty to the sublime filming of space, which ironically contrasts with the horrific, catastrophic events facing the two heroes. These events one after the other demand super strength and bravery to deal effectively in a way that will bring closure… in more ways than one!
A unique space thriller that addresses the present; avoiding any trace of science fiction and this alone makes it bone-chilling and remarkably frightening.

This film was viewed, compliments of Cineplex Forum in Montreal

David E. Kapell Discography / Discographie

Born 1949 in New York City now living in Greenport N.Y. (moved 1978); son of pianist William Kapell (1922-53); founded Kapell Real Estate in 1981; mayor of Greenport from 1994 till 2007.
Né en 1949 à New York, vit maintenant à Greenport N.Y. (déplacée en 1978) ; fils du pianiste William Kapell (1922-53) ; a fondé Kapell Real Estate en 1981 ; maire de Greenport de 1994 à 2007.

 Credits: Bass, Piano, Percussion,   Vocals, Cello, Photography,
Crédits : Basse, Piano, Percussions, Chant, Violoncelle, Photographie

Appears on / Apparaît sur:
Artist (Last)             First                Year    Album                                               
1.       Edwards             Stony              "1976 Blackbird”,  
2.       Herald                John                "1973 John Herald"
3.       Taylor                  Chip                1973 Last Chance”, "1974 Some of Us”, "1975 This Side of the River”, “1976  Somebody Shoot out of the Juke Box”,  
4.       Tidbits                                      “1973 Greetings from Jamaica"