Monday 30 September 2013

Athens Center Square Hotel

Everything but "square"!  

by Nancy Snipper  

It’s a breath of fresh air the minute you step into the spacious bright lobby of Athens Center Square Hotel. Of course having the large colourful paintings of Corinna O’Brien on the walls (and in the rooms) adds to the happy feeling.  
This recently renovated hotel, owned by Dorina and George Stathopoulou conveys a sparkling family ambiance. Ilias and Olga at the front desk, and Irini – who bartends on the sensational rooftop terrace are pure fun. Their impeccable service adds to guest-gusto satisfaction. This superbly located hotel offers casual trendiness with oodles of class. I loved the neon glass exterior that grabs your eye with its various colours, and the doors of the hotel are completely camouflaged in painted fruit images. The fun is instantaneous – the minute you step on the welcome mat and the “doors of fruit’ open up to reveal the interior lovely lobby. 


Eight floors each sporting their own interior brightly coloured rooms that reiterate the colours of fruit – found in the fruit market just outside the hotel along with the artist’s paintings are oh so comfort and über-clean.   

 Wood and spanking new grey bathrooms in that new kind of dark textured tile with huge glass shower doorsare such a welcome luxury after a long plane ride or roughing it in the islands.

Some rooms have acropolis views, but no worries if yours doesn’t for on the rooftop terrace you get an outstanding 360 degree view of Athens! That’s where you can sit on top of the world while ordering your drinks at the cozy bar.

The location, as mentioned is unbeatable. It's set on a square off bustling Athinas Street (there’s a fruit market facing the hotel and antique shop with tons of wares displayed right on the square's sidewalk).

This colourful street takes you right into Monasteraki – Athens labyrinth flea market where everything is sold. The acropolis and fancy, pedestrian-only Ermou Street is just 10 minutes away on foot which connects to Athens heartbeat hub – Syntagma Square. You can catch the airport bus there or go to Monasteraki to take the train there.

I can’t think of anything wrong with this hotel other than making you fat with its sensational breakfasts (included in the room price). 

Hermes Hotel and Plaka Hotel – also owned by the Stathopoulous are nearby too, so if Athens Center Square Hotel is fully booked, reserve at one of them. Read my article, “Athens Hotel Hotties” to find out about these great hotels.









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