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Les Sommets du Cinéma d’Animation 2015

reviews by Nancy Snipper

Genius of animation and poignant messages within these powerful films

I had the pleasure of watching several shorts that showcased in this international festival that features 135 films from all over the world.  Each of these films – some in 3D and 2D – brought to life creations brimming with originality and power.

 In The Master, a sweet dachshund dog has to endure the home wrecking of a chimpanzee who escapes from his small cage. The owner of these two animals is nowhere to be found. The ending is devastating. This dark film was directed by the “mastermind” Riho Unt from Estonia.

 The Race was an exceptional film that ingeniously presented the myriad of ways that circular forms are used and incorporated into people’s lives: clocks, machines, telescopes, games, religious events and symbols and so much more created a visually compelling kaleidoscope of forms which seemed to meld into one another. This black and white masterpiece was directed by Michael Le Meur from France.

The stunning music of Arvo Part was used in Squame. Directed by Nicolas Brault, the film cleverly showed marbleized fragments of forms imploding and exploding into forms that coalesced and emanated from the human body.

Marzavan by Vergine Keaton was a touching stop animation short about retracing a woman’s heritage as she returns to her roots in Armenia. She is Greek Armenian in search of her past. As a displaced person, traveling over mountains and into valleys, she finally revisits her home and sees her mom rocking her in the cradles where she sleeps. Touching with appropriate pathos that visually translated into tonal shades of brown and grey, this 9-minute film made a big statement.

Auto Portraits was so humorous. A car is singing Que Sera sera. She ahs a filmay and soon cars start multiplying until no more oil is left in the world, and they end of in the trash heap. This film is Oscar winning.

The opening film was the astounding feature The Magic Mountain– directed by Romanian genius, Anca Damian. Using layering and 3D and 2D multi-media techniques, the film vividly recounts the story of Adam Jacek Winkler, an amazing Polish climber intent on saving the world from Russians. He was only two years old when he lost his family during the 1940 Katyn Massacre perpetrated by the Communist Red Army. Determined to go to Afghanistan to fight with the Mujahieen, he embarks on a treacherous journey through France. His gola is fraught with perilous situations which on more than one occasion he nearly loses his life. The incredible aspect to the story was how the director showed the life of the brave Afghani fighters raging against the weather’s harsh elements, hiding in caves, starving and yet successfully beating the Russians in a long protracted war. We see this and hear it via Winkler (voice narration in French by Crisope Miossec). 

Ms. Damian even traveled to Afghanistan to do research. She was able to show 50 years of this period in history and the role the hero played in it. It goes all the way up to 2001. This is a multi-award-winning feature that is poignant and the visuals are amazing.


Piano was one of my favourite shorts. A sexy woman is trying to move her piano down the sidewalk towards her apartment. She slinks, she does contortions to move it, she even strides it. Meanwhile the janitor of the building where she lives is called down to an old woman’s apartment to unblock the kitchen sink. The old woman is sweet on him, as we see her offering him a heart-shaped cookie. We follow him into his own apartment to see he has stacks of these cookies. He finally musters the courage to bring her flowers and ask her out, but she has slipped on some spilled olive oil and appears to be dead. The piano lady has tried to open the old lady’s sliding glass door and gets her hand caught. Everything seems to be chaos until the piano on the sidewalk starts playing Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”, and everyone is revived. There are many other humorous details in this film that truly make this  gem  – directed by  Kaspar Jancis – a force in the genre, proving once again, the Estonia’s animators are leaders in animation.

Difficult to follow any story line, the next two films are left to your own imagination for interpretation.
Via Curiel 8, by children’s book illustrator, Mara Cerri, takes us from the real to the unreal. A woman walking up her apartment stairs bumps into a man. She enters her room full of toys from childhood. The man hides under the stairs and she seems to peek into his life – both now children who met at school. Taken from the book with the same title that introduces these two characters, Dario and Emma, the film uses more than 4000 drawings, painted in acrylic on paper – which have been shown in a traveling exhibition in Italy.
San Laszlo contro Santa Maria Egiziaca, directed by Magada Guidi is a fun short featuring a crazy guy wearing a yellow sombrero who dances to the music on the radio. He battles demons, a rock star, a snake, meets Jesus and even manages to walk on water. Inept gods and weird monsters add sassy punch to this humorous piece of animation.

Three little gems: When the Day Breaks (Wendy Tilby, Amanda Forbis): a lady pig witnesses a car accident which compels her to seek comfort in her daily life in the city outside. Amusing and touching. Le Hérisson dans le Brouillard (Youri Norstein) has a Chagall-like style that takes a hedgehog into a huge fog where he meets animals that both scare and  assist him in getting his parcel of fruit leaves to a bear. It’s charming and dreamy.

The Street (Caroline leaf) is based on a short story by Mordechai Richler. A selfish boy who shares a room with his sister wants his own bedroom and is waiting for his grand mom to die to he can take her room. But when she does, he has no desire to move in. A glimpse into an aspect of Jewish life in the Montreal area of Esplanade Street where Jews used to live.

La 14e Edition des « Sommets du Cinéma d’Animation »

The 14th Edition of “the Summits of Animation”

Du 25 Au 29 Novembre 2015 au / From November 25 till the 29, 2015 at the Cinémathèque Québécoise

Les Sommets du Cinéma d’Animation est un festival international consacré à l’animation sous toutes ses formes, du patrimoine aux nouveaux médias en passant par la production actuelle. Pendant cinq jours, Montréal vas vibrer au rythme de l’animation! Uniques au Québec, les Sommets célèbrent une forme d’art qui a historiquement fait connaître le Québec et le Canada dans le monde entier.
The Summits of Animation is an international festival dedicated to animation in all its forms, heritage, and new media through current production. For five days, Montreal vibrates to the rhythm of the animation! Unique in Quebec, the Summits celebrate an art that has historically brought international recognition to both Quebec and Canada.  

Plus d’informations / for more information:
Twitter: @sommetsanim

Bande Announce / Trailer
Réalisation, dessins et animation / Direction, drawings and animation: Félix Dufour-Laperrière
Conception sonore / Sound design: Olivier Calvert
Batterie / Drums: Anhtu Vu
Production / Production: Cinémathèque Québécoise
Chronique d’événements/films vus / Chronicle of events/films seen:

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In order seen scrolling down – most recent at bottom of page:

Avant / Before

World of Tomorrow, United States / États-Unis 2015, 16m5s, Don Hertzfeldt
Une petite fille est contactée par son future éloignée elle-même.
A little girl is contacted by her distant future self.

Sonámbulo / The Sleepwalker, Canada 2015, 5m, Theodore Ushev
Ceci est un voyage surréaliste animé à travers les formes et des couleurs inspirées par le poème de Federico Garcia Lorca « Romance Sonámbulo ».
This is an animated surrealistic voyage through forms and colors inspired by Federico Garcia Lorca’s poem ‘Romance Sonámbulo.’

Squame, Canada 2015, Première Mondiale / World Premiere, 4m, Nicolas Brault
Squame explore l’enveloppe sensible du corps, la peau. L’animation de ses squamations éphémères, réalisée grâce à des moulages en sucre, évoque des paysages fragiles s’ouvrant sur des mondes à la limite de l’abstraction. Entre artéfacts archéologiques et observations macroscopiques, les frontières friables de ces corps humains se dérobent à notre regard. Filmer en 3D
Squame explores the sensitive shell of the body, the skin. The animation of his ephemeral squamations, achieved through sugar casts evokes fragile landscapes opening on worlds on the edge of abstraction. Between macroscopic observations and archaeological artifacts, crumbly borders of these human bodies eluding our gaze. Filmed in 3D.

The Race, France 2015, Première Nord-Américaine / North American Premiere , 16m, Michael Le Meur
Condamnée à croître, jamais satisfaite, l'humanité accélère et se précipite dans une course folle. Et si cette fuite en avant n'était pas le fruit de notre libre arbitre, mais le résultat des mécaniques qui gouvernent l’univers? Filmer en 3D à couper-le-souffre.
Condemned to grow, never satisfied, humanity accelerates and rushes into a wild race. What if this headlong rush wasn’t the product of our free will, but the result of mechanics that govern the universe? Filmed in breathtaking 3D.

Auto Portraits, Canada, 2015, 5m, Claude Cloutier
Une Chevrolet Bel Air 1957 interprète une version ironique de la ballade Américaine « Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) ». La calandre de la vedette devient une bouche enjôleuse, d’où s’échappent les rimes rassurantes de la chanson, tandis qu’un chœur d’automobiles l’accompagne en une chorégraphie spectaculaire. 
Satire grinçante de la puissance pétrolière, Autos Portraits est une comédie musicale à grand déploiement, alors que le cinéaste et bédéiste Claude Cloutier caricaturant l’insouciance contemporaine face aux périls qui menacent la planète.
A 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air interprets an ironic version of the American ballad "Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)". The grille of the star becomes a beguiling mouth, from which escape the reassuring rhyme of the song, while a accompanying choir of automobiles into a spectacular choreography. 
Caustic satire of oil power, Auto Portraits is a musical blockbuster, as cartoonist and filmmaker Claude Cloutier caricaturing the contemporary recklessness in dealing with the dangers threatening the planet.

5 Shades of Solitude, Singapour  / Singapor 2015, Première Nord-Américaine / North American Premiere , 9m, Qing Sheng Ang
Un homme éprouve cinq nuances de la solitude – la dépression, la nostalgie, le déni, la divergence et l'ennui –  à différents moments de la journée, alors qu'il est frappé par le vague souvenir d'une jeune fille qui a occupé son cœur.
 A man has five shades of loneliness depression, nostalgia, denial, divergence and boredom at different times of the day when he is struck by the vague memory of a girl who has held his heart.

Marzevan, France 2015, Première Nord-Américaine / North American Premiere, 9m, Vergine Keaton
 Aux derniers jours de sa vie, une vieille dame avec un mémoire troublée entrevoit l'histoire de ses origines. Commence alors un voyage vers la terre ancestrale, où les souvenirs et l'imagination s'organisent peu à peu.
 In the last days of her life, an old lady with memory troubles has glimpses of her actual origins. Thus beginning a journey to her ancestral home, where her memories and imagination gradually come to light.

Le Repas Domical, France 2015, Première Nord-Américaine / North American Premiere, 14m, Céline Devaux
C'est Dimanche. Pendant le repas familial hebdomadaire, Jean les observe. On lui pose des questions maladroit et embarrassant sans écouter les réponses, et on lui donne des conseils sans les suivre, on le caresse et on le gifle, c'est normal, c'est le repas dominical.
 It's Sunday. During the weekly family meal, Jean observes them. They ask awkward and embarrassing questions without listening to the answers, and give him advice without following it; they caress and slap him, it's normal, it's the Dominican meal.

My Heart Attack, Canada 2015, Première Québécoise / Quebec Premiere, 14m, Sheldon Cohen
Tout a commencé avec un appel téléphonique affolé dans un parc pour chiens, suivi par une montagne russe d’émotions empreinte d’humour ironique et de réflexions philosophiques. Pendant que tout le monde tente de sauver un chien souffrant d’un arrêt cardiaque, Cohen se doute qu’il est peut-être, lui aussi, en train de subir un petit infarctus. Et comme dans tous les portraits stéréotypés de la vie conjugale, cela agace bien sa femme.
It all starts with a frantic phone call from a dog park, followed by a emotional roller coaster ride of ironic footprints of humor and philosophical reflections. While everyone is trying to save a dog suffering from cardiac arrest, Cohen suspects that he too, may be undergoing a small heart attack. And, as in all stereotypical portraits of married life, it annoys his wife.

Isand / The Master, Estonie / Estonia 2015, 18m, Riho Unt
Popi le chien et Huhuu le singe attendent leur Maître qui, un jour, n'est pas rentré à la maison. Ils doivent apprendre à vivre ensemble bien qu'ils soient très différents. La vérité est souvent plus illusoire qu'un rêve et plus horrible que la réalité.
 Popi the dog and Huhuu the monkey are expecting their Master who, one day, doesn’t return home. They must learn to live together although they are very different. The truth is often more illusory than a dream and more horrible than reality.

Erlkönig / Le Roi des Aulnes, Suisse / Switzerland 2015, / Première Nord-Américaine / North American Premiere , 5m, Georges Schwizgebel
Un père porte son fils malade à travers la forêt à cheval. L’enfant croit de voir le Roi des Aulnes qui le séduit et l’effraie. D’après Erlkönig, le poème de Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, avec la musique de Schubert et Liszt.
A father carries his sick son through the forest on horseback. The child believes to see the King of Alder trees who seduces and frightens him. Based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's poem Erlkönig with the music of Schubert and Liszt.

Vue 26 Novembre / Saw November 26th 

Une Nouvelles Vague Italienne / An Italian New Wave:
14 courts métrages représentant la nouvelle vague dans l'animation Italienne; Italie sauf indication au contraire; + = Coprodruction
14 shorts representing the new wave in Italian animation; Italy unless noted; + = coprodruction.
Senza Testa / Sans Tête, 2009, 5m24s,  Michele Bernardi   
Un collectionneur excentrique de têtes et leurs propriétaires qui ne les réclament pas.
An eccentric collector of heads and their owners who do not reclaim them.
Percorso#0008-0209, 2009, 6m,  Igor Omhoff
Un enfant entreprend un voyage imprévisible a travers l'obscurité sombre du monde de la mémoire guidée seulement par une petite étincelle.
A child undertakes an unpredictable journey through the darkened obscurity of the world of memory guided only by a little spark.  
Videogioco - Loop Experiment, 2009, 1m22s,  Donato Sansone
Animation de vidéo en boucle créée à partir de dessins surs papier plié.
Video loop animation created from folded paper drawings.
J, 2009, 5m, Virgilio Villoresi
J est coincé dans sa propre dimension mais il veut être dans un autre.   
J is stuck in his own dimension though he wishes to be in another. 
Ci sono gli spiriti / Il y a des Esprits / There Are Spirits , 2009, 6m,  Alvise Renzini
En utilisant des dessins réalisés avec des filaments de coton, de la poussière, des cheveux, estampillés en stop-motion dans une chambre noire sur du papier photographique en noir et blanc, l'animateur recrée un monde de l'esprit qui interprète visuellement un rêve de Carl Gustav Jung.
Using drawings made with cotton filaments, dust, hair, stamped in stop-motion in a darkroom on photographic paper in black and white, the animator recreates a spirit world that visually interprets a Carl Gustav Jung dream.              
Corpus Nobody, 2011, 6m, Saul Saguatt / Audrey Coïaniz
Une réflexion sur l'identité en relation avec les autres dans le sens de l'intergénérationnel et interculturel.
A reflection on identity in relating to others in the sense of intergenerational and intercultural. 
Arithmétique, 2010, 4m,  Giovanni Munari / Dalila Rovazzani
Un fragment animé de l'opéra L'Enfant et les Sortilèges: Fantaisie Lyric en Deux Parties de Maurice Ravel, avec un libretto de Colette (1925).
An animated fragment from Maurice Ravel’s opera The Child and the Spells: A Lyric Fantasy in Two Parts with a libretto by Colette (1925).                                                                                       
Via Curiel 8, 2011, 10m,  Mara Cerri / Magda Guidi
Un couple dans le processus de séparation piégé dans une tristesse accablante de silence.
A couple in the process of separation trapped in an overwhelming sadness of silence.   
Silenziosa-Mente / Silent-Mind, 2011, 5m,  Alessia Travaglini
Une métaphore de type fantaisie qui  traite des relations complexes et des communications externes.
A fantasy-like metaphor dealing with complex relationships and external communications.         
Le Fobie del Guard Rail / Phobias of Guardrail, 2012, 5m,  Marco Cappellaci
Un regard sur le monde intérieur des phobies d'enfance.
A look into the inner world of childhood phobias.                  
San Laszlo contro Santa Maria Egiziaca / Saint Laszlo Vs. Saint Mary From Egypt, 2014, 3m,  Magda Guidi
Saint Laszlo danses et se battre contre les monstres voraces, les pseudo-saints, escrocs et d’autres maux dans cet hommage aux films de grade B.
Saint Laszlo dances and battles ravenous monsters, pseudo-saints, crooks and other evils in this tribute to B-grade movies.                                                                                                                     
La Valigia, 2014, 15m,  Pier Paolo Paganelli
Les souvenirs d'un vieil homme qui vit maintenant dans la solitude sont contenus dans une valise mystérieuse.
The memories of an old man now living in seclusion are contained in a mysterious suitcase.        
Haircut, + France 2014, 8m, Virginia Mori
Une confrontation dans une salle de classe vide entre un enseignant et son élève.
A showdown in an empty classroom between a teacher and her pupil. 
Dalila, 2015, 5m,  Magda Guidi
Dalila, le jour de sa première communion, prend conscience que son soi adulte est  a sa regard.
Dalila, on the day of her first communion, becomes aware that her adult self is gazing at her.     
Pandemonio, 2015, 3m, Valerio Spinelli
Ce film, grâce à l'utilisation de cercles de feutre précédemment numérisé – par le chevauchement, le déplacement, les redimensionner et les colorer – apporte les personnages de la chanson Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars par Zu le groupe Romain de jazzcore à la vie.
This film, through the use of previously scanned felt circles – overlapping, moving, resizing and coloring them – brings the characters in the song Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars by the Roman Jazzcore group Zu to life.


Le Trognon de Pomme, Belgique / Belgium  2015, 6m, Mathilde Remy  
Vous vous demandez ce qui se passe dans le «lived happily ever after»? Ceci est l'histoire de Blanche-Neige et le Prince Charmant 20 ans plus tard.
Ever wonder what happens in the ‘lived happily ever after’? This is the story of Snow White and Prince Charming 20 years later.
It's a Flower, Canada / Thaïlande / Thailand  2015, 8m, Natty Boonmasiri 
Malgré les assurances de sa conscience, notre protagoniste est effrayée par les apparences d'une boule gigantesque.
Despite the reassurances of her conscience, our protagonist is frightened by the appearances of a gigantic ball.
Les Nuits Magiques, Estonie / Estonia / Lettonie / Latvia  2015, 8m, Mihkel Reha 
L'heure du jour que nous connaissons comme le crépuscule apporte toujours l'espoir que quelque chose de magique ou de miraculeux se produisent.
The time of day we know as twilight always brings the hope that something magical or miraculous will occur.
Chiaroscuro, États-Unis / United States / Brésil / Brazil 2014, 8m, Daniel Drummond  
Deux organismes dans une obscurité abstrait en compétition pour la seule source de lumière.
Two organisms in an abstract darkness competing for the only source of light.
Yöperhonen  / Le Papillon de Nuit, Finlande / Finland  2015, 5m, Annika Dahlsten 
Un papillon se voit perdu dans un monde inconnu. Ce film est une métaphore mélancolique de la vie humaine.
A butterfly finds itself lost in an unknown world. This film is a melancholic metaphor for human life.
Ataraxya, France  2015, 6m, Guilherme Pereira / Maxime Hélier / Sophie Loubière / Marion Chopin / Carla Gandolfi
Un solitaire jeune homme psychologiquement complexe tente de s’ouvrir à l'inconnu.
A lonely psychologically complex young man attempts to open himself to the unknown.
Dans Ton Regard, France  2015, 6m, Julien Arnal 
Les horreurs de la guerre marqueront à jamais.
The horrors of war will forever mark.
Depart at 22, Pays-Bas / Netherlands  2015, 4m, Wiep Teeuwisse  
Lorsque nous vieillissons, nous craignons la perte de notre beauté de jeunesse telle qu'elle est exprimée dans ce poème cinématographique sur la vieillesse.
As we age, we fear the loss of our youthful beauty as expressed in this cinematic poem about growing old.
Meada / Écheveau / Skein, Portugal 2015, 7 m, Linnea  Lidegran
Tant comme un fil est attaché à son écheveau (pelote de laine), il a la vie.
As long as a string is attached to its skein (ball of yarn) it has life.
Refoulement / Sigmund’s Line, Canada 2015, 3m, Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand  
Les formes géométriques et organiques se métamorphosent pour dépeindre une langue primitive.
Geometric and organic forms metamorphose to depict a primitive language.
Edmond, Royaume-Uni  / United Kingdom 2015, 9m, Nina Gantz
Edmond est impulsif. Il veut être proche des autres ... trop proche ... et maintenant, il est le seul par un lac, en contemplant ses options et il revisite tous les moments marquants de sa vie à la recherche de l'origine de ses désirs.
Edmond is impulsive. He desires to be close to others … too close… and now, he stands alone by a lake, contemplating his options and he revisits all the defining moments of his life, searching for the origin of his desires.
Fish Is What I Desire, Royaume-Uni  / United Kingdom 2015, 7m, Yao Xiang 
Une mère est la cuisson du poisson pour sa fille de 12 ans. Cela sert comme une métaphore face à un dilemme moral - à faire ce qui est juste ou pour obéir à l'autorité.
A mother is cooking fish for her 12-year-old daughter. This serves as a metaphor when facing a moral dilemma – to do what’s right or to obey authority.
Walk , Russie / Russia 2015, 3m, Tatiana Kuznetsova  
Une princesse quitte le château pour aller faire une promenade. Un chevalier bleu et un chevalier rouge rivalisent pour son attention. Ils se détruisent mutuellement. Elle prend le meilleur de chacun et il devient «son chevalier en armure étincelante ».
A princess leaves the castle to go for a walk. A blue knight and a red knight vie for her attention. They destroy each other. She takes the best of each and it becomes ‘her knight in shining armor.’
Ruben Leaves, Suisse / Switzerland 2015, 5m, Frederic Siegel  
En s’en allant travailler, Ruben est hanté par des pensées obsessionnels compulsifs son imagination crée des scénarios de plus en plus absurdes, brouillant la ligne entre la réalité et la fiction.
On his way to work, Ruben is haunted by obsessive compulsive thoughts – his imagination creates increasingly absurd scenarios, blurring the line between reality and fiction.

Piano, Estonie / Estonia 2015, Première Québécoise / Quebec Premiere, 10m, Kaspar Jancis
Cinq personnes et une abeille «presque réussi» dans l'accomplissement de leurs rêves respectifs. Tous sont reliés par un piano. Un petit bijou d'animation charmant.
Five individuals and a honey bee ‘almost succeed’ in fulfilling their respective dreams. All are connected by a piano. A delightful gem of animation.

Après / After

Rétrospective / Tribute Amanda Forbis et / and Wendy Tilby  
Ce duo d'animation primé, tous deux originaires de Calgary, en Alberta, sont rencontrés à Vancouver au Emily Carr College of Art and Design.
 This award-winning animation duo, both originally from Calgary Alberta, met in Vancouver at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design.
·         My Financial Career, Canada 1962, 6m, Gerald Potterton / Grant Munro
Film animé a pleine d'esprit basé sur un conte de Stephen Leacock. Un homme entre dans une banque pour la première fois afin de déposer son salaire. Il est tellement intimidé, que rien qu'il dit ne sort correctement.
Witty animated film is based on a tale by Stephen Leacock. A man enters a bank for the first time to deposit his pay. He is so intimidated, that nothing he says comes out right.
·         The Street, Canada 1976, 10m, Caroline Leaf
Based on a story by Mordecai Richler, this film explores the reactions of the different members of a Jewish family to the impending death of grandmother.
Basé sur une histoire de Mordecai Richler, ce film explore les réactions des différents membres d'une famille Juive à la mort imminente de grand-mère.
·         Le Hérisson dans le Brouillard / The Hedgehog in the Fog, Russie / Russia 1975, 11m, Yuri Norstein
Hérisson est en route pour sa visite quotidienne du soir vers son ami, l'Ours. Cette semaine, il est lui apportant un pot de confiture de framboise. Un brouillard épais apparaît. Hérisson est terrifié – il entend des bruits étranges ; il voit des créatures étranges.
Hedgehog is on his way for his daily evening visit to his friend, Bear. This week he is bringing him a jar of raspberry jam. A thick fog appears. Hedgehog is terrified – he hears strange sounds, sees strange creatures.
·         Strings, Canada 1991, 11m, Wendy Tilby
Deux étrangers se trouvent intimement liés par partagés plafonds, les planchers et la plomberie. Ceci est déclenché par un problème inattendu.
Two strangers find themselves intimately linked through shared ceilings, floors and plumbing. It is triggered by an unexpected problem.
·         When the Day Breaks / Quand le Jour se Lève, Canada 1999, 10m, Wendy Tilby / Amanda Forbis
M. Coq se prépare son petit déjeuner. Mdm. Cochon prépare son petit déjeuner. Tous deux ont besoin d'aller à l'épicerie. Leurs chemins se croisent quand un citron tombe dans l'égout, changeant à jamais leur vie.
Mr. Rooster is preparing his breakfast. Miss Pig is preparing her breakfast. Both need to go to the grocery store. Their paths cross when a lemon falls into the sewer, forever changing their lives.
·         Wild Life, Canada 2011, 14m, Wendy Tilby / Amanda Forbis
Un jeune homme Britannique raffinée est totalement mal préparés pour les conditions difficiles de la vie dans les Prairies d’Alberta.
A young refined British man is totally unprepared for the harsh conditions of life in the Prairies of Alberta.
·         Primiti Too Taa, Canada 1988, 3m, Ed Ackerman
Des mots a ressemblance primitifs tapés sur l'écran via une machine à écrire Remington + une performance de spoken word = un extrait de Ursonate (Sonate en sons primitifs) de Kurt Schwitters dans cette petite animation atypique mais efficace et fascinant.
Primitive looking words typed on screen via a Remington typewriter + spoken word performance = an excerpt from Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate (Sonata in primitive sounds) in this short atypical yet effective and fascinating animation.
·         Revolver, Suède / Sweden 1993, 8m, Lars Olsson / Stig Bergkvist / Marti Ekstrand / Jonas Odell
Animations en boucle courts dépeignant poissons aplatis, le cœur battant, la filature églises et de sabliers dégringolant dans un monde sombre éthérée.
Short looping animations depicting flattened fish, beating hearts, spinning churches and hour glasses tumbling down in an ethereal dark world.
·         My Favorite Things that I Love, Canada 1994, 4m, Janet Perlman
Un collage de choses préférées du cinéaste qu'elle aime.
A collage of the filmmaker’s favorite things that she loves.
·         Forgetfulness, Canada 2006, 2m, Julian Grey
Basé sur le poème du même nom (première publication en 1990) par Bill Collins, cette animation élégamment modérer et spirituel est une tendre et ironique regard sur la perte de mémoire.
Based on Bill Collins poem of the same name (first published in 1990), this elegantly spare and witty animation is a tender and wry look at memory loss.

Myself, Allemagne / Germany 2014, 3X2m, Andreas Hykade
« Moi » enrôle le(s) spectateur(s) de l'aider à faire ce qui suit sur ce trio d’animées charmants:
Coup de Feu de se tirer une balle dans le dos et d’exploser.
Fumée d'arrêter de fumer.
Univers de se rappeler du secret de l'univers.
“Myself” enlists the viewer(s) to help him do the following on this charming animated trio:  
Shot – to shoot himself in the back and explode.
Smoke – to quit smoking.
Universe – to remember the secret of the universe.