Thursday 5 November 2015

Francine Migner

An Exciting Artist of Infinite Dimensions

Colourful Art with Whimsical Appeal

Francine Migner’s art conveys flourish and vigour. Each piece reflects her spirited personality and panache – honed in balance with her artistic sensibilities and openness to the world.

“I think life is about variety, and I’m full of life. I don’t want to miss anything, but as an artist I have to make choices. I aim for the essential, upon exploring the vast horizon of a subject.” She’s an artist of diversity.  For five years she did etchings on paper. 

This Hibiscus litho was done in Florida in 1989
Francine has a zany side to her as well. Take a look at her unique installation pieces. In Post Modern Remnants, her imaginative acumen is in full swing.  Have you ever wanted to put your string of pearls around an elegant bottle, and at the same time, give canned drinks their due? She found hundreds of crushed bottles in a recycling site in Victoriaville, and incorporated them in the piece. Post Modern became such a hit, it was exhibited over four times in Quebec in different display contexts. She also created a chess board made of carpet and sand in alternating square patterns. It’s an unforgettable homage to her father. “He played chess in tournaments.”

In Niagara Falls, Ontario, her remarkable piece called Baby Duck 2001 was created in honour of the wine makers of the famous region.  In 12 bottles, you can see red liquid that is in fact beet juice with water.
“I have fun with every piece I create."

“In my piece, Sur les Routes de la Loire, I found an old ticket with the image of the Chateau Chambord on it, and some negatives.” Out came a stunning collage on hand-made paper made from cotton. Aesthetic and calming, it is framed in a shiny gold line that is actually hot glue. There’s a royal feel to this little rare gem.

 She recycles objects she finds, and has focused on her surroundings. “I find inspiration in the real world.”  In 1991, she went to the Big Apple, and created a painting in black acrylic. It consists of a black and white photo she took outside on a street in Soho, New York. She then collaged it on an old litho plate. It is on permanent display in The Collection of Loto-Quebec in Montreal.

 In fact they purchased two more pieces from her, including a  
Diptych of two monoprints cocooning two Chinese lanterns.

A traveler to Cuba, she created a series of 15 mixed media paintings.  One of them, Havana, is a collage that fuses two walls. “They come from two photos that I printed on ink jet. I collaged them on an old painting of mine with a slightly coloured background, because I washed the vivid colours out of that painting, which was pink, yellow and mauve. She took a magic marker and created an ornate background to frame the centre piece.  The aerospace company Pratt and Whitney purchased Havana.

Francine has had twelve solo exhibitions, and her work has been juried in over 40 Quebec group shows.  She spent three days participating in an event called, Artrasta, which gathered over 15 artists who showed their work and painted in front of the public. This took place October 9-12 at Mushagalusa Gallery on Ontario Street.
 This go-getter gal loves meeting the public in different ways. She interfaces with school children in the Artists in School Program. A talented woman, she goes beyond the art of artistry: she plays tennis and skates.

Ever joyful, her collages puts you in a happy mood.

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