Sunday, 15 December 2013

"Despicable Me 2" is Fabulous!

Directed by / réaliser par Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

Gru has gone good. He’s now a foster dad with 3 little girls and he’s making jellies for a living. Gone are the days when in Part 1 he was a villain who stole the moon. Part 2 opens with a lab in the Arctic being sucked up by some strange force. Trouble is, in the lab was a chemical that converts good creatures to ferocious ones, so Gru is kidnapped by Ant-Villain League secret agent, Lucy Wilde, who tasers him with her lipstick to bring  him to the Anti-Villain League. They need his services to track down the culprit. At first Gru refuses, but he has a change of heart. The head of the League has traced it to some place in Paradise Mall.  
The Machiavellian mastermind behind stealing the chemical turns out to be Mr Macho who is running a salsa restaurant in the mall. But he secretly is storing the chemical inside his huge place. Gru finds out but it is not without problems that he is able to put a stop to it all.
After 147 dates, Lucy and Gru get married, and all the little helpers he has, called minions attend. They speak in gibberish, and it adds whacky sophistication to the entire film. Dr. Nefario was Gru’s partner until he abandons him to go to the wrong side – Mr. Macho’s side, but he has a change of heart, and because of him and those minions, everyone ends up rather happy as one huge family. You do not need to see Part 1 or be a kid to enjoy this film. The characters’ voices and expressions were so clever, I was laughing out loud. A timeless classic with slick animation that is a refreshing departure from Disney’s saccharine-style rather predictable films.

(This film was viewed, compliments of Le SuperClub Videotron, 5000, rue Wellington, in Verdun,  Quebec.)
(Ce film a été visionné, avec les compliments de Le SuperClub Videotron, 5000, rue Wellington, à Verdun, Québec.)