Sunday, 2 October 2011

Friday Night Tights, directed by Joonki Park

reviewed by Nancy Snipper

‘Friday Night Tights’ is an animation delight!

This short is totally enchanting. You have two guys living together. One is fat and a jock; the other is as skinny and nerdy as beanpole with a brain. The big guy wants the rake thin roommate to go out with him to have some fun. After all, it’s Friday night. He refuses to, so the big boy leaves.
The door closes and everything about the nerd comes to life. He changes his slouch-in-the-chair position to an upright one, and as he regally walks towards his room, he immediately appears in a pair of very tight tights. It’s very funny, as his legs are outrageously thin, He loves dancing – ballet dancing, jumping, pirouetting, stretching up to the ceiling – so far he ends up in space, dancing in the dark blue sky sparkling with stars.

As he dances he sings a song about how he loves to dance. He finally lands on the ground inside his apartment. Quickly trying to remove his tights, he is taken by surprise by his roommate who obviously stayed behind the door in the hall. Fat fellow opens the door abruptly and says: “I knew it!” What he knew, is left to our imagination, but if I had a roommate like that, I’d ask him to dance for me every night. Joonki Park from the USA was the director. The dancer looked slightly Asian, and in fact as the credits roll, there’s a line that states: almost everything was created by Park. He’s a genius! “Friday Night Tights’ is remarkably humorous four-minute short, but you wanted it to last much longer.