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Les Idées Heureuses – À l’Approche de la Nativité

Les Idées Heureuses – At the Approach of the Nativity

Dimanche 27 Novembre 2011 à la Salle de Concert Bourgie du Musée des Beaux Arts
Sunday, November 27, 2011 at Bourgie Concert Hall of the Museum of Fine Arts

Un programme de cantates Allemand, dirigée par le directeur artistique organiste et claveciniste Geneviève Soly, pour célébrer la saison chrétienne traditionnelle de l'Avent en anticipation de la Nativité de Jésus Christ, avec les solistes invités Adrian Butterfield au violon (le second de deux concerts – cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous pour l'article sur le  concert du 24 Novembre avec les Boréades), Natalie Michaud (co-directeur) et Vincent Lauzer sur les flûtes à bec et la soprano Marie Magistry. Le concert a été précédé d'une dissertation d’une durée de 45 minutes sur la cantate Allemande.  Geneviève Soly était l'orateur.
Mettant en vedette non seulement les plus connus, ceux de Johann Sébastian Bach (1685-1750), le concert  également mettait en vedette les cantates de  compositeurs moins connus: Wilhelm Friedrich Zachow (1663-1712 ; surtout renommé comme étant le maître d’Haendel), Christoph Graupner (1683-1760) et Johann Theodor Römhildt (1684-1756). Pour plus de détails sur les compositeurs Allemands, allez à: (la liste est dans l'ordre chronologique selon l'année de naissance)
Pour amener ce concert sacrée et liturgique à une conclusion fracassent était le Concerto Brandebourgeois no 4 de Bach, BWV 1049.

A program of German Cantatas, led by artistic director organist and harpsichordist Geneviève Soly, to celebrate the traditional Christian season of Advent in anticipation of the Nativity of Jesus Christ, with guest soloists Adrian Butterfield on violin (second of two concerts – click on link below for article on Les Boréades concert of November 24th), Natalie Michaud (co-director) and Vincent Lauzer on recorders, and soprano Marie Magistry. The concert was preceded by a 45 minute dissertation on the German cantata.  Geneviève Soly was the speaker.
Featuring not only the most well-known, those of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), the concert also featured cantatas by lesser known composers: Wilhelm Friedrich Zachow (1663-1712; mainly renowned as being Handel’s master), Christoph Graupner (1683-1760) and Johann Theodor Römhildt (1684-1756). For details on German composers go to: (the listing is in chronological order according to year of birth)
To bring this sacred and liturgical concert to a smashing conclusion was Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto no 4 BWV 1049.

Critique du concert par Nancy Snipper ce poursuit / Review of concert by Nancy Snipper follows:

Baroque at its Best with Butterfield in ‘Les Idées Heureuses’ Choral Concert

When Adrian Butterfield puts his bow to string, you know you are in for a treat. As the featured violinist in Geneviève’s Soly’s ‘Les Idées Heureuses’ latest November 27th concert in Montreal, he beautifully brought to musical life the program’s German religious music whose lyrics were sonorously highlighted through the fine soprano voice of Marie Magistry in the all Baroque German choral program.  The performance illustrated Mr. Butterfield’s exceptional ability to tie together taut rapid tempos and various rhythms inside complex contrapuntal melody lines. Effortlessly yet audaciously, he expertly united organ, recorder, violist, cello and double bass into the celebratory liturgy the audience was privy to. His passion for Baroque music poignantly resonated throughout the new neoclassical ecclesiastical hall while magical light wafted through the stunning antique stained glass windows cocooning us all from on high. Indeed, the beautiful serenity of the Bourgie Concert Hall of the Museum of Fine Arts provided architectural inspiration that visually harmonized with the glorious music we heard that afternoon. Choral works by Bach, Zachow, Graupner and Römhildt emanated appropriate, joy, solemnity and mystery. Clearly, every lyric was enlivened by each member’s masterful execution of string ensemble playing - not surprising, considering, these performers are the pick of the crop when it comes to early music.  Outstanding was the recorder playing of Natalie Michaud who also happens to be co-artistic director of the Baroque Music Society Les Idées Heureuses - along with founder Geneviève Soly. Michaud was perfectly paired with fellow recorder wiz, Vincent Lauzer, and as the duo dashed off in dazzling manner Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto no 4, listeners were spellbound.  For the second movement, they retired to the wings – remaining unseen. This vanishing act was most effective in softening their sonorous haunting replies to the strings who took center stage. Of course, one can’t review this concert without mentioning the force behind it all, Genevieve Soly.

Her passion for the organ was most obvious during a pre-concert lecture on German Baroque Choral Music wherein she ran back and forth from organ to lectern in order to demonstrate some compositional structures in each piece that would be heard in the ensuing performance. During her solo performance of Graupner’s Cantata I found she employed rubato in parts that did not necessitate such a romantic ploy; this was done when a new line of melody was introduced in the organ music. It threw off tempo and created an unneeded slowness in the piece that was somewhat unwelcome. Still, Ms. Soly is astoundingly brilliant in her playing ease, and clearly, she was a key player in contributing an exquisite polished quality to the entire concert experience. Her harpsichord playing perfectly anchored the other performers in the Brandenburg concerto. She is the queen of the Baroque music scene in Quebec, and has garnered countless prestigious awards for her brilliance. In closing, it must be said that although Mary Magistry got off to a weak vocal start in the first choral piece by Bach, she immediately redeemed herself, taking us to heights of bliss with her pure tone, injecting each song with just the right amount of vocal reverence and feeling.

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