Saturday, 1 June 2013

Nancy Snipper's poetry in honour of her family

  For Shirley Snipper…

a poem in honour of my mother

Misty and delicate

she floats across the floor

gliding amongst the people

in the room.

Her sweet gracefulness

reveals a soul sublime

with gentle thoughts

and pictures pretty.

Such corporal harmony

that so undisturbing,

but as she goes

all notice her.

A presence not lightly parted with.

When this fair rare bird

alights upon a spot,

her entrance inspires

a delightful sigh,

sometimes a tickle

of fun to come.

Yet all too soon, wrapped in her cloak

of secrets and silence,

she chooses other airy spaces

to rest her fleeting soul.

Who is this wondrous creature,

this pretty little nymph

who knows meadows and marble alike,

this soaring goddess of

goodness, sympathy and frailty?

Lucky is the one

who can claim this gem her own,

and knows that when she enters,

he’ll be there

to watch her go,

and gloat over the fact that

they can call her mom!

  This creature is my mother  
 and I’m the lucky one.

This poem was written by Nancy in 2002. 

Her mother joined flights of angels in 2006.

Original handwritten version below / Version manuscrite originale ci-dessous :
(Last 5 lines are original size /
Dernière 5 lignes sont de taille d'origineaux)

My Mother

She was a Picasso princess
Angled in lines of irony,
comedy and tragedy
that converge into laughter.