Sunday, 23 June 2013

Nancy Snipper's comments on Fringe 2013 shows she has seen

June 22 at Venue 4 (Scène Mini) June 22
I was delighted to attend three soloist shows where each actor performed with stamina, great characterization and self-deprecating humour. That being said, it is one thing to act and another to write a script that is not merely a showpiece for your talents. I think the message in these two of the plays got lost: “Little Orange Man” and “Zack to the Future”. Certainly there was great wit in the latter and impeccable comedic timing. Zack Adams is a great talent. However, in both plays, the script/scenarios meandered and the result lacked emotional impact for me.

I was most impressed however, with Erika MacDonald’s performance in her biopic play, “Tap Me on the Shoulder”. She sequenced events detailing how she became a rapper very well. Furthermore, her rapping was excellent. She really was professional in her delivery, and highly focused.

However, the same can’t be said for Ingrid Hansen’s “Little Orange Man” – a play involving plush-toys that serve as characters. The story was too absurd, and the interaction with the audience was rather childish. It was about herself as a girl suffering from ADD who misses her granddad and looks for him in the sea, but not without dozens of mini tales thrown in between the search for him. If only she had gotten to the point. Hansen’s  energy is electric, but a story must have substance, and it lacked that. This is sad, because it really – to my mind – was about mourning the loss of her granddad.