Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Going Away

  by Nancy Snipper
I've had a lot of dance lessons
My toes were put on point
My tutu in a closet now
I never liked ballet.

Piano was my forte
I played a piece of love
No dervish whirl or quiet dove
Just one that flies away.

We live alone together
Sweet feelings are our friends
We replay them as memories
 Like movies with no end.

All my plants are droopy
My eyelids are as well
Wrinkles weave into my skin
And burrow deep within.

I'll pack my heart
In rags of hope
And bid ye all goodbye
I' 11 take some books and kleenex too
Just in case I cry.

Your face I'll leave at the door And go my way alone
 For when love dies
So many times
There is nothing more.