Friday, 23 January 2015

Club Monaco

presents its new fabulous face at:

1000 Ste-Catherine St West, Montreal, Canada

written by Nancy Snipper

Upscale, well-heeled and luxuriously appealing, Club Monaco has moved to Montreal’s popular central location corner at Peel and Ste Catherine to show off its alluring new look.
9,000 square feet in the Beaux Art Dominion Square Building is now swathed in an interior palatial-like feel of white, marble and oak floors, Parisian furniture and noble columns allude to baroque luxe.
It’s really impressive and one feels like part of a royal entourage once inside. Club Monaco’s contemporary/cash classic clothes for men and women have now upped the garb glam game. Yes, some of the wonderful wares are expensive, but Club Monaco’s quality and cool create a winning combination for women of all ages. Brand collections toting names on bags and parkas include European swag. There’s Florentine jewellery from Rada and earrings designed by Wouters & Hendrix and treasures under lock and key going form $3,200 – a Chanel 2.55 for example. But the average price is doable for the man and woman who want to wear timeless clothes that have real staying power.
Now a new stunning assortment of shoes up the stature of the store. Ballet flats offers a variety of flirty styles and sexy heels adorn the store.
I attended its gala opening on January 22nd, and it seemed that the entire world of fashion-conscious people of all ages were there. More than 600 for sure.
The downstairs offered great rewards, including the mends clothing. I loved the fact Myriade Café is now there offered a fabulous gourmet goodies. You can have your favourite croissant while resting on the turquoise leather couch while reading great books that stand on the shelves. What a great atmosphere!
I don’t want to give too much away, but suffice it to say, that your clothes craving and hunger one too can be satiated at Club Monaco’s new store.
 Creative director Caroline Belhumeur who has been with the chain for seven years (there are 21 stores in Canada) shows her masterful vision that has tongues wagging.