Sunday, 28 February 2016

Al Fondo

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

Homemade food served in a salon

You may very well be sitting alone loving the fact you are dining in an old world setting of high ceilings and cathedral windows  that cast the sun’s rays on old marble tiles that echo a time gone by.
 Quiet and staring at the fancy oak table dressed with a hand-made table cloth and place settings with cloth table mats, you await the wonderful homemade food cooked by Alondra Cervantes McLendon or her sister Olma and personally served by them. What a quiet way to feel so important!
The menu changes every night of the week and that too changes the next week. I had a fabulous thick yet delicate green zucchini soup with a fresh salad, Shepherds’ pie and cookies for dessert – all for less than six dollars. I’m going back to try another four-course meal next week.
This elegant room is attached an even larger living room filled with family heirlooms. There’s an old upright piano, and off to the side is the kitchen where the two sisters cook.
 I have never had an experience like this.  I felt I was being served be my own personal cook on a Downton Abbey set. The best thing was finding it by sheer chance. I was drawn to a majestic stone arch bordered by a garden.  I happened to ask the gardener who was also in charge of tending to rooms if there was a restaurant. I knocked on the door he pointed to, ended up in that lovely living room. The rest is history. Another unexpected miracle in San Miguel!

The address is 125A Ancha de San Antonio. 

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