Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Camping Trip

Best Friends
                                The Camping Trip
By Nancy Snipper

Characters: Larry, the bear; Pete, the boy.
Each paragraph represents a new page of illustrations.
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 Larry and Pete were best friends.
They did everything together. 
They played soccer together.
They went skiing together. 
They ate supper together. 
They even slept in the same room.
One morning, Pete and Larry decided to go camping.

They packed up sleeping bags, fishing rods and food.  
The next day, Larry and Pete went fishing. 
They cooked fish over the campfire and ate it. 
They went on walks together and picked berries.

At night, Larry guarded the tent and stared at the moon and stars.
He also made sure no strange animals came near the tent.

After three days, Larry told Pete he loved the wilds so
he wanted to stay in the forest by the water and live like a real bear.
Pete felt sad.  He went back home… alone.

Pete missed Larry a lot. 
He missed his big bear hugs,
the slurpy sounds he made when he ate breakfast, and the
funny way he climbed into the bathtub.

Three nights passed. Pete wished Larry would come home.
Suddenly, he heard a scratching sound at the door. 
What could it be?

He went to the door, and when he opened it, he felt so happy. 
There was Larry looking very happy to see Pete.
Larry gave Pete the hardest hug and licked his face all over.

Larry told Pete he didn’t like living in the wilds. 
It was dangerous there. 
He saw hunters carrying rifles. 
He heard strange sounds at night, and the other bears didn’t want to play with him.  Some were even scary.

Larry said his real home was right here with Pete.
That night, Larry and Pete had a nice, cozy sleep.
They were best friends again, and they stayed that way forever.