Thursday, 12 April 2012

Nature Poetry

by Nancy Snipper

Val des Mont Trees
(Tiny, tall tree trunks, lakes and leaves)

So many trees 

So many leaves
So much to see
How to comprehend
such fragile beauty?

In rhythmic flows
so nature goes...
Perfect pacing

of patterned placing


the silken dew of the morning rise
opens its mouth to slumber not
in death nor with disguise

Little Loon

Little loon floating by
I know why you cannot fly
to lofty skies and bay-lined shores.

What was there is no more.

Callous change now mars your land…
putrid tar and murky sand

                                                        Lily Pad Lady

Looking down upon the water

I see them sitting pretty.

Petals of lilies poking up

from green pads

that look like regal wreaths. 
fanning charmingly underneath.

Each lovely little lady

Rising demurely from her skirt,

Is no doubt a floral flirt

that some mistake as a gift to take

from their home in the lake.

So as your canoe is gliding through,  

and you reach down

to pick it from its pad,

Remember that this lily lady

might feel a little sad.

The Forest Fire 


The fire rose to the mountain top

Killing every tree.

Although it traveled very slow,

It seemed to come to me.

Red streaks of fire flew through the skies

Making the rooftop grey,

It scorched the forest before my eyes,

And death within me lay.

I ran to my house

My belongings I grabbed

And very nervously prayed,

Then jumped on my horse

And sped away;
But my fear will never fade.


Man kills the animal with ruthless heart
For reasons none do know.
Perhaps he likes to see things die
And make all living low.

See the snake glide swiftly past.
Bang! Man shot him sure and fast.
Or the deer that nature fills
This impulse inside Man that kills.

Man kills the animal with ruthless heart
Now down the prey does fall,
He buries it after the killing is done
And thinks with his heart?
Not at all!

Man kills the animal with ruthless heart
For reasons none do know.
The prey, the blood, he likes to see
But this desire is not in me.

                                          Winter is Here

Into the forest I wanted to go,

But a bird told me no;

  The forest green, her trees and snow,                     

This my  dear you will never know.

My home is dark, soft and sweet;

Yours is hard, firm… the street.

 How could you dare?

 How could you think?

 That these two twains could ever meet?”

That truth indeed was hard to take.

Perhaps she made a slight mistake.
So on I walked just the same

until the ground beneath my feet
Gave way to me in snow knee-deep!

So sad I grew and walked some more,

Until I reached my painted door.

“Into the warmth at last”, I thought,

I found my bed, the one I bought.

Content and smiling, not one tiny care,

 That bird so safe; me in my place 

Still …..

some day we two shall share. 


It is a snowy day

Where lay the heavens?  Where was the ground? 

I really could not tell.  

The woolly snow that comes from high
To nestle low,
      I saw not where it fell.  

The sky,
The earth,
Both were one... 

How strange it is to see no sun.

Gravity’s Pull

The hugest force in the world
is gravity’s pull,
Yet, the weightless wings of a tiny fly
 It can gravity defy.
No, is that not a miracle?!