Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World directed by Lorene Scafaria

What would you do if you knew the world was going to end in 21 days? Would life still have meaning? Would you still hold on to high ethical standards or would you throw all sense of morality and decency aside? Would you still look for true love, die alone or just have “end-of-the-world” sex with a complete stranger or even your best friend’s partner? Lorene Scafaria answers all of these questions and more in this bittersweet romantic comedy.
As news of a failed attempt to destroy a 70-mile wide asteroid, which is hurtling towards Earth, is announced over the car radio, Dodge Petersen’s (Steve Carell) wife just opens the car door and walks away. When he reports in, to his job as an insurance agent, his heart is not in it; in fact neither is anyone else. Each has their own way of dealing with the end of the world – some jump out of windows or hire a hit-man (or drink a bottle of Windex and awake the next morning with a dog named ‘Sorry’ as Dodge did), some let go of all propriety and ethics, some just aimlessly wander the streets and others create havoc by destroying everything (riots break out everywhere in the city and it is not safe even in your own home).
This brings Dodge together with Penelope "Penny" Lockhart (Keira Knightley), his downstairs neighbour. She is also having difficulties with her boyfriend. She is much attached to her vinyl records. As well, she has been taking Dodge’s mail. One of those letters was from Olivia, a high school sweetheart; sent three months prior; she writes that Dodge is the love of her life.
Because of the rioting just outside their building, Dodge and Penny realise that they need to flee the city. He wants to track down Olivia to spend the ‘last days’ in her company and she wants to return to England to see her parents. They agree that Dodge will bring Penny to a plane to take her to England as long as she provides the transportation.
Along the way, they encounter many different characters, including an ex-boyfriend of Penny’s who is a military man and Dodge’s father (Martin Sheen). Dodge and his father have been estranged for 25 years.
Lorene Scafaria
An entertaining and delightful film that teaches that even as we near the ‘END,’ it is still possible to reach personal fulfillment and find meaning to our lives no matter how hopeless it may seem to be.

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