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Hooke, Brandt and Bowen – The Deadly Nightshades:


Where are they now? / Que sont-ils devenus?
Moppets: 1965-1967M; Ariel: 1967-1970*; The Deadly Nightshades: 1972-1977, 2008-present /présent.
M*Beverly Rodgers: Guitar / Guitare  
M Phyllis Hess: Organ / Orgue 
M Alisa Damon: Bass / Basse  
 M Kathie Ross: Drums / Batterie        
*Gretchen Pfeifer (Lucchesi): Keyboards / Claviers      
Note – Moppets released a 7`` single in 1966 on Spirit Records / Remarque – Moppets ont sortie un 45 tour en 1966 sur Spirit Records: 
A side The Supremes "Come See about Me"  
B side: The Beau Brummels, "Cry just a Little".    

Left to right/   De gauche à droite: Kathie Ross, Lisa Damon, Beverly Rodgers, Pam Brandt, and / et Gretchen Pfeiffer

(a pioneering ALL FEMALE band based in New England – multi-musical genre)  
(un pionnier des groups TOUT FÉMININ basé en Nouvelle Angleterre – musiques de tous genres):
1975 The Deadly Nightshades
1976 F&W (Funky & Western)   
 2012 Never Never Gonna Stop 

A)     Helen Hooke * Born / Né Rochester N.Y.

  Violin, Fiddle, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals / Violon, Fiddle, Guitare, Claviers, Chant

Currently holds the position of Director of Fiscal Operations for Solar 1 (New York City’s Green Energy, Arts and Education Center). She has over 20 years of experience in this field.  
 Occupe actuellement le poste de Directeur des Opérations Financières pour Solar 1 (le Centre de l’Énergie Verte, Arts et Éducation de la ville de New York). Elle a plus de 20 ans d'expérience dans ce domaine. 
Under her own name / Sous son propre nom:
1988  Verse-Ability  
1992  Body's a Rocket 
1998  Patterns of the Heart 
1999   Romancing the Soul 
*Led the Femmes Party Band in 1999 for the 30th anniversary reunion for the Class of 69 from Smith College of Northampton Massachusetts. Other members included
A menée The Femmes Party Band en 1999 pour de la 30e réunion de la 30e anniversaire pour la classe de 69 du Smith College de Northampton Massachussetts. Autres membres y compris: 
Collette Clayton – guitar / guitare 

Rosemary Gaffney - vocals, synthesizer / chants, synthétiseur
  Linda Geiger – drums, percussion / batteries, percussions  

  1. Davidson                Dianne                    “1988   Breaking All the Rules!” 
  2. Hamblin                  Doug                       “2000   Doug Hamblin/Jane Fanucci” 
  3.  McComb               Carol                        “1989   Tears into Laughter “  
  4. Patrick                   John ‘J.P.’                         “present” 
  5. Perry                       Roxy                     “2005 Back in Bluesville”, “2008   In My Sweet Time”,        
Colleen McDonough - vocals, percussion / chants / percussions; a.k.a. / aussi connu comme Kelly Mac                       
Declassified Band 
 Dori(s) Rhodes - bass, vocals / basse, chants  

Stevens                Doug                        “1995 When Love is Right” *  
Appears with / Apparait avec: 
Artist                                                 Artist       Year Album    
  1.   Anderson                              Jamie        “1994 A Family of Friends: Women's Music Sampler ``,   
  2.   Atlas                                       Nancy       ``2005 Matador ``, 
  3.   Ball                                         Otis            “1990 I'm Gonna Love You Til I Don't ``,    
  4.  Blondie                                                      ``1998 The Original Beat Club Underground Sex Goddess Icon Freaks``, “1999 No Exit"
  5.  deRoy                                    Jamie             2001 Child in Me, Vol. 1"
  6.  Farley                                    Mary Ann    “1997 Daddy's Little Girl ``,   
  7.  Langheld                               Gretchen                House Afire Calling You"
  8. Mastro                                    James            ``1987 Strange Cave``,  
  9.  Okra All-Stars                                                "?"  
  10. Simopoulos                            Nana                “1994 Gaia's Dream ``, 
  11. Valentine Smith                                                “1994 Back on Earth (EP)``,    
  12. Tellus V/A                                                            “1986 Tellus Dance”,  

B)     Pamela Robin Brandt m *

 Bass, Vocals / Basse, Chant  
Year / Année                               Bibliography / Bibliographie:  
1997                                              The Girls Next Door: Into the Heart of Lesbian America (co-authored with /écrit en collaboration avec Lindsy Van Gelder)  
1990                                               Becoming the Butlers   
                                                        Are You Two...Together (lesbian-gay oriented travel essays)    
Freelance writer / Écrivain indépendante   
Artist (First)                                                Last                                  Year   Album            
  1. Cactus Rose                                                                             “?” 
  2. Callen                                             Michael                          “1996 Legacy”, “1988 Purple Heart”,  
  3. Cleary                                             Jan                                    “1997 Janthology”
  4. King Vito and da Bronx Cowboys                                         “Mid 1980s”   
  5. Lowlife                                                                                      “1982-86”  

C)  Anne Bowen *

Guitar, Percussion, Vocals, Producer / Guitare, Percussion, Chant, Producteur  
Artist (first)                                          Last                         Year        Album     
  1. Callen                                         Michael                 “1988 Purple Heart”, 
  2. Lowlife                                                                       “1982-86”


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