Sunday, 22 March 2015

A one-of-a-kind jeweler ... Susana Reyes del Campillo

by Nancy Snipper

The artesian market in San Miguel is one of my favourite places. It sparkles with hundreds of kiosks that feature the unique craftsmanship of the artists selling their wares.
 I wandered into a small kiosk that nears the exit or entrance at Relox Street. Here I met the quiet-spoken jeweler Susana Reyes del Campillo who makes earrings, necklaces and more that come from trees and other earth-grown materials. She also decorates frames and basically adds such zany twists to the ordinary. I bought her leaf shape earrings that I believe are from the jicama tree. She adds textural excitement by adorning the plain with a bead or paint.
Susanna also sings in Pro Musica’s opera performance held as part of the classical music concerts this musical organization brings to the town. (I actually wrote all Pro Musica’s program notes for their 2013/14 season).
No doubt about it, Susana is marvelously talented; I love her highly original adornments. You can find her at this address: #6 Anador Lucas Balderas between Relox and Hidalgo Streets between which runs the remarkable number of kiosks. Email her at