Tuesday, 24 March 2015

La Casa del Diezmo Restaurant

by Nancy Snipper

An Oasis of Yucatan Specialties

Eating in a verdant paradise where foliage and hummingbirds form the colourful centerpiece in the historical courtyard where you will be eating, you can soak in the building’s own historical flavor. In the 17th and 18th centuries, this place was the repository for 10% of taxes levied from Mexicans for the Catholic Church until 1833 after Mexico gained its independence from Spain.
Administrative offices – now inner rooms that spoke off the courtyard – house Luis H. Novelo – the owner and some family members. His darling granddaughter, Ana Luciana is your host. She guided me through the interesting menu. Aside from Mexican standards, I wanted to try those Yucatan dishes, so for the appetizer I took Ana’s advice, and ordered Papadzules Cochinita Debil – pumpkin seeds with pork topped with a small tiny orange chili in a thin tortilla. It was robust filling.
I went full out and down a Luis-made margarita. It was so subtle – unlike the main meal: Queso Relleno – Edam cheese, mince meat with raisins and almonds surrounded in a white salsa sauce. It was totally unique.
For dessert, I had two! Manjar Napoli flan that tasted like a yogurt /tapioca custard with a spurt of coconut. Then, from the eight choices left to me, I had the traditional dulce de papaya with Edam Cheese. Both were wonderful. The sweetness of the latter would definitely appeal to those with a really sweet tooth.

There were so many exotic dishes whose names resounded with images of the Yucatan. When you eat here, know that a one-of-a-kind extraordinary eating experience of yummy Yucatan is El Diezmo’s way of doing things.

La Casa del Diezmo is located at Jesus Street # 36.
Call (415) 154 4034.