Wednesday, 11 March 2015

DaNisha Sculpture:

A Marriage of Ceramics

by Nancy Snipper

International Canadian artists Nisha and Dan Ferguson knew as children that they would be artists. Both were fascinated with drawing since the impressionable age of three. They both answered without hesitation, when asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, "Artist!"
They spent every summer of their childhood in their family’s cottages: in the Kawarthas north of Toronto for Dan, and in the Gatineaus, east of Ottawa for Nisha. They each traveled for a year before enrolling at the Art Centre of Central Technical School of Ontario, which is of course as you may have guessed by now, where they met some 20 years ago.
Right after graduation Dan and Nisha married. With as much precision and as sure of one another as two trapeze artists who meet in mid air, they began to collaborate artistically and have never looked back. Dan is the sculptor and mould maker, and Nisha is the designer and painter.
Now parents of two sons, Joshua and Julian, and internationally renowned as DaNisha Sculpture they exhibit their work in prestigious galleries and boutiques throughout Canada, Mexico the United States and Russia. Always open to adventure, places of great beauty, and the stimulation of change, Dan, Nisha, and their sons relocated to San Miguel de Allende Mexico in 2001. The art and architecture of Mexico has inspired Dan and Nisha with new inspirations.

City Tower
City Tower (2)
Sheep Tower

When you hear people speak of DaNisha Sculpture you will hear the words optimism, excitement, innocence, wonder, and awe. These descriptions accurately reflect the source of a vision held since childhood. Neither Dan nor Nisha ever wavered from their early vision to be artists. Nisha, an accomplished acrobat and choreographer, may once have been tempted to run away and join the circus, but she founded the successful performance troop in Ontario known as "Gravityworks," and realized she could incorporate a long held fascination for the circus into her life and art. 

In San Miguel de Allende Mexico Nisha reformed and trained a new group which performs around the state of Guanajuato to this day.
"Working with my life partner," says Dan, "and compromising my ideas in order to find something new is a metaphor for our life together. However, compromise is an illusion. What it really does is allow for possibilities neither of us may have thought of."

Single Elephant
Zebra Trio

Grizzly Bears Bowl
Inch by Inch
Triple Lions

Triple Cheetahs
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