Monday, 15 June 2015

Parc National des Îles-de-Boucherville

A terrific trio of outdoor activities

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

An idyllic day of nature and canoeing

I signed up for the Meetup Adventurous and Active Group  that organizes hiking  trips to all kinds of parks, mountains, camping  and river recreational outings. My Meetup driver was John who is also a master Meetup organizer and on this day, a participant who also canoed with me. 

This verdant expansive region just 20 minutes away from Montreal  offers 19 kilometers of water filled with four small islands that form a rich nutrient-filled oasis for over 159 birds, fauna and animals whose beauty greet the canoer at every stroke of the paddle. I saw several herons – some flying overhead, a gold finch, dozens of ducks, dippers and heard all kinds of unusual bird calls. 

I even saw a deer. At one point, I imagined myself in the Amazon as we canoed up a narrow channel. Lily pads, marshes and the groaning of bullfrogs added delight to my paddling pleasure.

Other Meetup members opted for walking all around the various islands on trails beautifully groomed, and also ideal for biking.  Demure foot bridges connect the islands, so one can literally traverse the terrain. In fact, at one point John and I docked to explore the small archeological site once inhabited by the Iroquoians 400 A.D. It was some 500 years ago that their presence disappeared. The park offers so many fun activities, such as volleyball, sunset “Safari” animal spotting, picnic niches and fishing too.

I will go back!



Given the network of walking trails that are flat and easy, Parc National des Îles des Boucherville is the ideal place for the entire family.

Visit: or telephone (450)928-5089, ext. 223

(most photos by John Martin)