Thursday, 26 February 2015

El Rinconcito

A Remarkable Restaurant

by Nancy Snipper

It’s one of Colonia San Antonio’s  best places to eat because it’s run by  Miguel and Mercedes Ramirez – a couple who knows how to make Mexico’s favourite dishes that are ever so yummy. After all, between them, they have over 33 years of cuisine savvy, having worked in restaurants in San Miguel itself.
Set in a cozy open-air stone patio with an interior section warmed by a fireplace, El Rinconcito – now 16-years old – offers all kinds of homey fare cooked and grilled in front of the cute tables that are always full of locals and foreigners feasting on meals that totally tantalizing.  It was one of Toller Cranston’s favourite places for palette pleasure.
The menu offers all kinds of fajitas, quesadillas and burritos, but clients also love Rincocito’s grilled chicken, seafood & meat combo (their shrimp is a stand-out in a variety of flavours. Want to eat pineapple kabob, charro beans, and some veritas vegetarian delights, then, this is the place to go. No matter what your yen is, all the dishes they prepare are fabulously fresh, uber-tasty and guacamole gorgeous. Know that they even slice strips of dough for their tortilla and taco numbers. No pre-cooked food here.
I totally went gaga over their garlic, cilantro and mixed herb dressing. It’s so popular, people can buy it for their own kitchen cuisine meals. It was as green as any salsa verde.
I ordered the Fajita salad that filled a huge plate. Beef, lettuce, avocado, cheese and tomato colourfully dressed up the huge plate. It was so healthy and delicious.
Of course, I had to order a Margarita. Wow!
 I appreciated the fact that on the menu written in big letters is this: “We only use purified water and we disinfect all vegetable and fruits.”
I have to admit, that it is the first question I habitually ask when I eat in a Mexican restaurant. How nice to know that El Rinconcito not only takes care of feeding us wonderfully, but knows that Montezuma’s revenge is on most travelers’ mind.
I would be hard pressed to find any neighbourhood restaurant as charming as El Rinconcito’s food is famous.
Find them at #7 Refugio Norte, in the authentic, Mexican neighbourhood of San Antonio. 

Call (415) 154-48-09.  Also find them on Facebook.

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