Saturday, 28 February 2015

Vía Orgánica …

 an Awesome Eating Experience...

A haven of food that grows from nature’s nurture

If you get to San Miguel de Allende, please step into the organic haven of Vía Orgánica – an astounding restaurant where the food is grown,  and created in dishes that reaches your taste buds  to promote instant health; each menu delight is 100% natural – from the earth, the plant, the fruit, the animal and more.
In fact, you get a visual taste of what you are about to feast on by looking at the more than 1000 products  and produce set on shelves in two areas attached to the  restaurant’s  two store shelves before. They are snatched up by clients who come on a regular basis to give themselves an immediate health/taste boots through the amazing made-to-measure drinks they concoct.
Super food offers include fermented vegetable which are high in probiotics and optimize gut flora: sauerkraut, ginger beets, cortido, green beans, carrots and pickles. What I love about this restaurant is the dedication to making tasty dishes that come from mindful preparation to keep it all natural.
I had their fresh beet, ginger and carrot drink and also imbibed their guava drink. I had a go at their melon one too. I could not get enough of them. Some are actually made without water, yet they are liquid lovely.
I ordered Vía Orgánica’s mushroom, baby spinach and poached eggs special. Of course the eggs are organically farmed, as is everything that sits on your plate. The spinach cream sauce was utterly silky heavenly and it swathed an impressive amount of mushrooms.


The menu displays a magnificent array of eight sensational salads that hold the promise of palette pleasing pleasure. One includes a variety of goodies, including tahini, lentils, lemon with pita chips and olives. Locally made goat cheese finds its way into several savoury preparations. Seven Mexican plates along with five Vía Orgánica specialties left me speechless, yet my mouth was open, ready to receive it all.
Via organic sells gluten free bread, rice bread and cookies in its store section, but tantalizing tamales of corn, zucchini and veggies along  with manchego-filled quesadillas of a gluten-free gourmet rarity in any restaurant. Tortillas with chia and spinach, grass-fed beef, sage-seasoned turkey, lentil pecan veggie burgers and a host of other meat options are really wagging tongues. I can’t get into their omelets, frittatas, desserts and then some, because I would need a booklet to do Vía Orgánica justice. Vía Orgánica is a non-profit organization whose mission it is to promote organic agriculture, fair trade, health and sustainability.
The restaurant has its own ecological ranch, educational program and a theater show performed in the campo to educate all about the dangers of the Monsanto foods.
They have cabins and horseback riding, and all that delicious food grown to keep you living longer with a very satisfied belly! 


 The restaurant is located at Margarito Ledesma #2 Col. Guadaloupe.
Call (415) 152 -8042. Their email is