Sunday, 22 February 2015

Fonda San Miguel (San Miguel de Allende)

reviewd by Nancy Snipper

A buffet that fills you up with a variety fresh Mexican fare

It’s a seven-year-old spacious restaurant and bar housed in a colonial style huge former house. I loved the buffet spread Fonda offered. Each dish was freshly cooked and covered. Ten super typical Mexican dishes lined up on the table cloth like a Can Can cuisine show. There were three soups: pasta, chicken and the famous Pazoli with pork, chili and corn.
I dug into the buttery linguini resembling spaghetti Alfredo. It was fabulous. I filled my plated with breaded tender sea bass, the colourful picadillo dish of carrots, bits of ground beef, zucchini, tiny cobs of corn – all in a spicy tomato sauce with a tinge of tyme flavouring and more. I enjoyed its delicate flavour.
 I couldn’t get enough of the frijoles, and despite their salad buffet boasts all kinds of greens and macaroni bathed in mayonnaise with bits of chili – I knew the hearty food is what I wanted.
 Desserts consisted of flans and jellos in glass dishes sealed at the top. They had their own showcase. Sweet! I could not resist.

Returned in February 2016 to the Best Buffet in San Miguel!
Beef in red wine, creamy spaghetti with ham, chicken in mustard, non-greasy breaded bass, fabulous pepper and bean salad, rice, caramel and strawberry flans and more.  Take your pick, then sit in Fonda’s huge dining room. The sweet waiters add to the informality of it all. The chef knows what he’d doing as does the owner, Nora Luz Garibaldi Mata.
Only 110 pesos (less than eight dollars). I love the high quality of the food and the variety.

The address is Hidalgo.  No 3 Planta Baja in the centre of town. 
Call + 52 (415) 154-8398. The buffet bonanza awaits you!