Thursday, 9 July 2015

Bagel & Benedict

Big on Taste! Big on Portions!

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

Saint-Sauveur’s savoury restaurant pleases everyone in big ways

Manager, Nicole Ricard runs a wonderful restaurant. I was so impressed with the staff of waiters. My waiter was David, a doll whose impeccable service is rare to find these days. Likewise, sweet Frederique is a fitting host; her sparkling smile seemed to light up the entire restaurant. The chef of course gets full praise for making the multi-page menu a tantalizing treat of endless palate-pleasing dishes. 

Bagel & Benedict has so much going for it – aside from its marvellous service. Opening its doors to the public early this year (2015), Bagel & Benedict is a restaurant already basking in success.
The décor is comfortable, funky and appealing. Vibrant paintings enliven the space. It’s the kind of place you just want to stay in to relax and enjoy great food. I sat on the outside terrace which has comfy chairs and cute tables – many strategically placed for shade.

Big on Breakfast – all day long
The menu variety is impressive. I went for the breakfast choices. There are so many different kinds of great omelettes. Hawaiian anyone? Whatever tickles your fancy, this restaurant fits the bill. You can even create your own omelette with a bundle of different ingredients. I had eggs Benedict for breakfast. The delicate asparagus stems were so tasty and the eggs on the English muffin were excellent. My companion had fried eggs with latkes which were very light in texture – not greasy.
There are six burgers, and let’s not leave out their all-star hamburger hit.
Sandwiches, salads, dozen of side orders both sweet and cheesy are offered in menu selection.

Food Pleasure all-round in a picturesque Quebecois village
Saint-Sauveur is a famous Laurentian resort town in the Laurentians where skiing and all kinds of outdoor activities happen all year long.
I loved the place so much, I came back for lunch a few days later. David served me, and once again the merry atmosphere complimented what I ordered. I started with one of their many smoothies. Wow! The one I had was heavenly. It was rich with fresh bananas and mango. I loved the fact the ice had not taken over the drink as it so often does in smoothies. I highly recommend you try one of these drinks no matter what time of day. They are super refreshing, healthy and divine in taste.

My main meal I enjoyed consisted of flambé apple slices with chicken breast steeped in a fabulous salad whose flavour was delicious. There was cinnamon, parsley, brown sugar and a touch of mayonnaise. The portion was huge. The restaurant offers an imaginative array of variations on a salad – even a Teriyaki one.

When I met the man behind the great food, I realized I am in the presence of no ordinary chef. Francois Boudrias is Bagel & Benedict’s great chef. He has over 17 years of experience, most of which was honed in Sicily where he comes from.  He says he makes everything with love, and it shows in the taste and presentation.

I can hardly wait to go back and try more from this menu. Maybe, I’ll have one of their pasta dishes or should I try a Mexican number, and what about those desserts?

No wonder the word, ‘Benedict’ is in the restaurant’s name; this place is a blessing!

Wednesday and Sunday nights, there’s live music on the terrace!

The address is 249 Rue Principal, Saint-Sauveur. Quebec, J0R 1R0
The website is
Call (450) 227-7707 or email

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