Friday, 3 July 2015

The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz,

The Musical   

The show is extended until July 12th. 

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

A slick entertaining hit
The Segal Centre’s production of Duddy Kravitz is an exhilarating production that puts the plights of jumpy, high voltage Duddy Kravitz on stage musically.
Poor Duddy, he’s so intent on proving his worth to his father, and his Zaida granddad, he’ll do just about anything to turn himself from a nobody into a somebody. But he pays a price.
When he takes a waitering job at Rubens Resort and meets well-grounded chambermaid, Yvette, his purpose becomes clear: she takes him to a lake and it is here where he has an epiphany. He will buy the entire lake and its surrounding land, but how? This is where the story really takes off and Duddy takes a roller coaster ride into his new founded Bar mitzvah film venture. Too may family conflicts occur, and when Duddy through hook and crook methods obtains the land, hoping his grandfather can now have his dream – to farm – it all backfires. His Zaida is not impressed. It is a big blow for Duddy, and it in the end, he chooses the modest life from which he came, but this time, he gets an added feature his love, Yvette.


An unbeatable production with a cast to match
Director, Austin Pendleton has assembled a brilliantly polished ensemble of singers who bring to life every funny and sad moment of the story to plausible heights. The voices are enchanting. The lead actors were simply exquisite in delivery, timing and vocal appeal. The star, Ken James Stewart was incredible. What great character energy and emotional range he gave Duddy! Howard Jerome as Simcha Kravitz (Zaida) has a unique tone to his voice.  Marie-Pierre de Brienne as Yvette Durelle has an operatic soprano purity and sweetness to her voice which contrasted to her firm and at times unbending character. She was great!
David Coomber in the role of naïve, gentle Virgil Roseboro who becomes Duddy’s best friend even though Duddy does him wrong injects adorable comic juice to the entire coterie of characters, as does KristianTruelsen as Peter John Friar; in the role of eccentric artistic film director for Duddy’s company, he is a stand-out. The acting prowess of all is so utterly powerful; it was obvious each performer developed the characters they portrayed with wonderful truth.
The songs were riveting; the funniest was “Art and Commerce can be friends” – a hilarious duet with Duddy and Friar singing on the dotted line; the two most moving songs were:  “Unfinished Business” and the final solo number, “Welcome Home” sung by Yvette.


photos marked * are by Maxime Côté

The Segal Centre for the Performing Arts is located at 5170 Ch de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, Montreal. 
For ticket reservations, call (514) 739-2301

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