Thursday, 30 July 2015

Francine Dunberry

Jewellery that Celebrates Earth’s Gems

by Nancy Snipper

Francine Dunberry is a one-of-a kind jeweller. Her innovative designs called Les Bijoux de l’Âme are not only peacefully appealing, they resonate exquisite beauty in execution and effect. In a single necklace, she captures graceful forms with stones, beads and wiring – all meshing together in a sublime composition.

Adornments are not flashy; rather, like the magnetic force of its timeless origins – the earth’s minerals and stones – each final creation attracts compelling compliments; it draws in the onlooker and one is entranced.

Her designs are unique and organic. Visually and texturally, they are true masterpieces; each integral part flows into a climatic whole, such as the necklace pendants that make any woman feel like an eternal but humble goddess.

I love the clasps of her necklaces and bracelets

Francine uses all kinds of materials in her designs: quartz, crystal, pearls, copper beads, fine gems – many enhanced with hand-made lace and delicate wiring.

With her dexterity, imagination and empathic gifts, she lovingly creates earrings, bracelets, broaches, watches, hair clips and more. Detailed parts are understated offerings that invite discovery each time one wears a piece.

“Sometimes, I will work an entire day on one small broach; other days, my creations come to me quickly and I work swiftly before the inspiration leaves me.” 

One can’t create such works of beauty without being spiritually driven.
“I start my day with meditation, and in my relaxed state, I’m ready to take on earth’s jewelled message. Each piece begins to form in my mind and take its place in the world.”

“Jewellery is like a crafted song; I allow emotions to speak to me as I create. My bracelets, for example, were made during emotional highs and lo the item. For example my sadness clasp bracelet has holes in it to represent loss. 

Yet there is exciting contrast; the appliqué wiring speaks of energy and complexity in relationships.
She feels her jewellery heals through its connective qualities to the person wearing it. They are a form of tangible therapy.

Francine Dunberry accepts commissions.

All photos by Sophie Dunberry Poissant

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