Thursday, 3 November 2011

Brides directed by Pantelis Voulgaris

 [Reviewed by Nancy Snipper] 

This wondrous film sublimely combines the epic with the intimate. A master at his craft, Voulgaris takes us on a 1922 transatlantic liner carrying 700 brides. They are to meet their grooms in America and Canada. Majestically and with elegant grace, the film takes us on a journey of love gained and lost as tragic events ensure on the ship -- a place of pathos. Norman Harris, a photographer becomes smitten with Nicki, a fine seamstress who occupies third class. He’s in first class. Their stars cross but never join as Niki ultimately decides she must fulfill her destiny: she must replace her sister who returned to Greece after rejecting her groom in America. As the substitute bride she must deny Norman of Modern Art in New York. Voulgaris has created an inspiring classic of subtlety where human emotions of longing and longstanding values collide in a sea of hopelessness. The awesome performances of Damien Lewis and Victoria Charalambidou as the protagonists were unforgettable. An enduring classic!
{note} This film had previously screened in Montreal on September 12th 2005 during “The Greek Movie Landscape (11 till 18) presented at the Museum of Fine Arts.
{nota} Ce film avait déjà projeté à Montréal le 12 Septembre 2005 au cours de la "Le Paysage du Film Hellénique (du 11 au 18) présenté au Musée des Beaux Arts.