Monday, 7 November 2011

Welcome to ‘All Saints’ directed by Sotiris Goritsas

                                     “Welcome To ‘All Saints’”is anything but saintly
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reviewed by Nancy Snipper                                  
This year (2011) Greece has endured tempestuous times raging with an economy on the verge of a euro breakdown, and citizens losing their money and minds over the whole fiasco. Underscoring the enormous problem is the total disharmony of the government and the people. The problems are plenty and they date back to previous years. Not paying taxes throughout the past decade has culminated in a spectacular calamity not just for the country, but for all of us living in the free world. The movie ‘Welcome to All Saints’ insidiously reflects the collective corruption and dismal mood of workers in a hospital. From doctors all the way to janitors, almost everyone is in it for the money. A handout under the table will get you up on the list for an operation and maybe more. At the center of the films is a young intern thrust into this situation that totally subverts the Hippocratic oath and his won reason for becoming a doctor. The one place that is supposed to be a sanctity for saving lives is anything but. Of course, the movie is a black comedy, but we all know that there is so much truth to this insanity and it pervades hospitals not just in Greece. Greed and a total lack of empathy create chaotic doom. The director has made a feature that can be confusing, but this may intentional in order to vividly capture the total lack of coordination, cohesion, conscience and competency that happen in hospitals full of saints and devils.

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