Monday, 7 November 2011

Montreal Greek Film Festival /Festival du Film Grec de Montréal 2011

                     From October 28th to November 3rd / Du 28 Octobre au 3 Novembre 2011

                                                               Behold Greeks Bearing Gifts

                                                            By Nancy Snipper
Now in its third year, the Montreal Greek Film Festival is a treat where film, food and fantastic surprises are formidably featured within a week that you just don’t want to end. The warmth of Avra Georgiou, festival organizer was contagious; the atmosphere electric. That’s what happens when Greeks come together to celebrate their artistic acumen. Indeed, the famous hospitality of the enormous Greek community certainly comes to life with this wondrous event. With outstretched arms the festival welcomes all people no matter what side of the Mediterranean or Atlantic your ancestry hails from. Simply put, it is a festival whose offerings are unforgettable.
This year, 10 films were presented to the public, all screened, except for the closing film called ‘My Sweet Canary’, in Cinéma du Parc. Most of the movies addressed pivotal points in Greek history and culture including three documentaries: My Sweet Canary, Earthquake and Log Books – George Seferis. But what Greek occasion could be satisfying without including its exquisite dishes. Sweetening the whole affair was the outstanding Greek cuisine catered by Pilaros. I have never tasted such authentic, deliciously classic Greek food outside of the great country itself. Attendees of the closing night were given a mini bottle of Solon Greek extra virgin olive oil, compliments of Pilaros.

Nitza, the superb singer/composer whose songs and mesmerizing have become the sonorous trademark for Cirque de Soleil’s production, Delirium. Nitza is stunning to behold and truly a wonder to listen to.

Links to reviews of films presented / liens aux critiques de films presenter: