Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Berlin Bar & Bistro

For Fabulous Food and Fun

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

Leonard Cohen was right to “take Berlin”.  To that lyric, I would add – the food too – when it comes to San Miguel’s Berlin Bar & Bistro. It would seem everyone in town know this, and no wonder! The atmosphere in this art-laden hot spot is party-like, yet laid back, and the quality offerings of German food are unbeatable. 

Delectable menu choices, smoozing with friends at the bar, spending time chatting with Berlin’s affable owner, Carlos Ordeñez – these are the main ingredients that make this place utterly enjoyable.
When Carlos took over the restaurant three years ago, he made some wise decisions. He kept the winning menu pretty much as it was and kept the Luz – the savvy chef.   He cleverly made Berlin a stand-out, referring to the German food aspect as being “a point of difference.”  He also highlighted that aside from its outstanding burger (do I hear the word Bavarian here?) it is known for its pork shank, bratwurst, made-on-the spot sauerkraut. Berlin is big on comfort food, consistency and quality.
For starters (there are nine appetizers), I ordered the asparagus which was amply soaked in a spicy orange-thyme light sauce with rosemary and oregano. I shared this with my dining companion, Marcia Dulce who as the owner of her own B & B is no slouch in the kitchen herself. Marcia, who has been coming to the restaurant for years, strongly suggested I ordered the Berliner – the restaurant’s potato/fish signature sensation– a star attraction. I couldn’t understand why she thought we should order only one to share until I saw the size of the white fish portion. Wow! No ordinary creation, the fish was stuffed with herbs and topped with sliver-thin potato crust.  Accompanying my fish was creamy, silky like sauerkraut that was gourmet heavenly and home-made! The fresh yogurt-dill sauce was remarkably savoury. Marcia and I shared a three layer chocolate creamy cake akin in texture to a brownie mousse. It was addictive.

Berlin’s bounteous dishes transport you to German cuisine terrain. It’s a salivating edible journey of surprise. Whatever you choose, you’ll have a huge taste of zer gut German fare!

Berlin Bar and Bistro is located at Umarán 19 in San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico
Hours: Open today · 5PM–1:30AM

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