Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Los Milagros Restaurant

Deliciously Popular!

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

What a fabulous place to sink your teeth into! Already eleven years old, Los Milagros shows no signs of menu-fatigue. On two enormous pages, over 100 tantalizing dishes sprawl from top to bottom; the choices are mesmerizing.  In fact, you could stay for eight months in San Miguel, and still not eat your way through Los Milagros’ mouth-watering labyrinth. That’s because the cook, Fidel Lopez knows that variety is key to food-diner excitement.
Twenty-five appetizers, nine salads, ten soups are only part of the palette pleasing picture. Meat, shrimp, fish, chicken, arrachera, even quail are offered in a variety of cooking methods: sizzling hot plates, or charcoal-grilled, even grilled in a Neanderthal-looking black volcanic bowl, or simply flat-plate grilled – any way you serve it, the food comes out gigantically tasty. Mole, enchiladas, fajitas (a sizzling hot plate hit) fillet mignon and more attest to the menu’s Mexican/international mix. Let’s just say, that Carlos, the owner of Los Milagros has hit gourmet gold. 
I ordered the Xochitl soup.  Akin to our chicken soup, it combines a compatible grouping of ingredients. Cilantro, tomatoes, onion, shredded chicken and rice created a light broth flavor. My main dish was the flat plate of very tender arrachera, accompanied with guacamole, frijoles and rice.
The carrot cake was home-made and I loved the dollop of cream lying on the nut-filled cake.
 Did I mention that there are over 30 different kinds of tequila on the beverage list, and a few are over 40 years old?
Los Milagros is centrally located. It’s the place to go any time of the day or night.
Enjoy the instrumental guitar duo of Jack and Frances. They’ve been playing at Los Milagros since 2004.   What a “full-filling” place to enjoy eating!

Here’s the address: Calle Relox 17, Centro, 37700 San Miguel de Allende, Gto. 
Call: 415-152-0097 

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