Friday, 11 March 2016

La Gruta - Nature’s Spa and Restaurant

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

 Set on within four hectares of verdant beauty, La Gruta is your answer to cocooning in hot spring wonders. Only 20-minutes from San Miguel’s central area, La Gruta is nature’s gift to you.  Brimming with trees and bird song, this sublime spot boasts six “albercas” – mineral water pools whose ever-so lovely temperatures range between 35-45 degrees Centigrade.  

Swim in the large one, then saddle over to the smaller one that leads you into a hot water tunnel that features overhead on one side of the rock-built wall a fabulous fall of water. Gushing out of a hole under which you can stand. The hot water’s intense pressure gives your body a much needed deep muscle and massage.  

La Gruta started in 1965, and since then it has attracted people to its marvelously landscaped areas where privacy and peace is at your beck and call.
Speaking of beckoning, amidst la Gruta’s 90 employees, a group of incredibly affable waiters scatter about, ready to take your pool-side order, or if you are resting on one of the comfy lounge chairs on the grassy mounds, you will be served.

The food and drinks are as delicious as those warm mineral waters are. I had the chicken mole, but what shocked me was the enormous salad. I am pretty sure an entire avocado perched there, sliced in crescent shapes atop a mountain of mushrooms, lettuce, onions and tomatoes. It was so big, I had it wrapped to take home.
La Gruta is such a wonderful retreat from San Miguel’s noise. Its thermal waters rejuvenate you naturally. What a treasure! 

For only 120 pesos (less than $10 US), you have the chance to immerse yourself into a stunning environment.

La Gruta is open for 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day of the year.

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