Friday, 8 April 2016

Delfiniti Ixtapa: A Kiss from a Dolphin


by Nancy Snipper

There’s no doubt that the six dolphins I saw perform at Delfiniti Ixtapa are lovable and highly obedient. The show I watched was exciting; and equally impressive was the teaching info the trainers shared with us about these amazing mammals. Did you know they can hear seven times more than we can, and only from one little hole/ear?

They swallow their food whole and only use their teeth (numbering anywhere from 88 –100) to catch and grab their food. They can hold their breath for 15 minutes, and need only breathe two to three times per minute. I learned so many fascinating facts from the six trainers, but when they began doing their behavior commands, I was stupefied.

A Super Show


I watched the dolphins spin, jump in unison, take a trainer for a high speed aquatic ride as he stood on the tail. It was cute when they spun hoops around their snout, and balanced balls. On their back they “clapped” using their fins, and when they waved good bye with their tails, I was smitten. I was told to kiss it, and I did right on its snout/mouth. It seemed to kiss me back.

Dancing with Dolphins

 The next day I was in the water with them, patting their backs, hugging them, even “dancing” with one sweet dolphin when she gave me her two big fins to hold – my hands grasping them. As we gyrated from side to side, I laughed, and I swear the dolphin was too. 

Dollars and Dolphins
At Delfiniti Ixtapa, you can pay oodles of money to ride, swim as a partner with them and get hoisted on their tail to travel fast and high. This is an up close and personal thrill – an experience of a lifetime. You will learn a few behaviors yourself, even have a go at feeding them. You are safe and secure with these remarkably tender dolphins, and their dedicated trainers are marvels in themselves.
The one downer is you can’t take photos of your time with them. (Thank you, Joe Way for taking the photos (* taken from Google) and the video below for this article). Professional photographers do that for you, so you pay handsomely to bring you and your dolphin memory back home. I just wonder if the dolphins get a cut from the dough.

The address is Lote 6 Anexo B, Zona Hotelera 1.
There are lots of signs pointing the way to Delfiniti.
Call (755) 553 2735/36.


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