Friday, 22 April 2016

Hibiscus: A Caterer for Congo Cuisine

 by Nancy Snipper

What a great discovery I made at Vues d’Afrique Festival this year.
Selling home-made food from Congo, served right on the plate is a great catering business, called Hibiscus. Owned and operated by Marie-Helene, Hibiscus offers exotic food. My premier experience with this hearty cuisine was a true palette pleaser. Every day during the festival’s week-long run, she changes the menu for you to experience the grand variety of cuisine from the Congo.

The day I feasted on the food, I had wonderful chicken saturated in freshly-made organic peanut butter in palm oil. Yes, it was greasy good, delicious and rich. 

I also enjoyed Hibiscus’s amazing samosa and plantain.

Also on the menu were white beans flavoured so delicately; tomatoes were included in this dish. 


Beef with mushrooms and pepper was another choice that I am looking forward to trying during the festival.

Marie-Helene is also the founder of Femmes de la Terre – an organization that directly impacts women in the Congo as it assists in agricultural and school/education endeavours. Marie-Helene frequently goes to Congo during the year, and a percentage of the proceeds from Hibiscus’s yummy catering business goes to this invaluable organization which surely benefits women in the Congo.

To find out more, contact Hibiscus and also Femmes de la Terre at:

Phone: 438-985-1294

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