Sunday, 3 April 2016

Viva Vivali! Italian Food with Superb Taste

 Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

Vivali’s pasta variety and quality of cooking is impeccable, as are the restaurant’s pizza perfect choices. The variety will make your taste buds crave it all. Vivali, owned by Cristin Gomaz Rubio is a gem of a restaurant; it is pure Italian; even the name is bylined as Ristorante-Bar.
The Gnocchi, ravioli and lasagna are home-made from scratch.  The grand variety of delicate sauces Vivali conjures up makes the pasta ever-so palette pleasing. Let’s not forget that this Italian place is big on meat and chicken fare as well. The five-page bilingual menu attests to that.
They offer lunch and dinner combos, and I landed there for the lunch one. First, I was served this delicate olive, garlic, caper and oil pesto-type sauce into which I dipped their deliciously tender home-made bread.  I also had a Caesar salad. How delicate it was in flavor, and I found the sliver-thin pieces of parmesan cheese that topped it to be a darling touch. I then ordered on the combo, a delicious penne perked up with pieces of sun dried tomatoes, tender little chicken chunks and broccoli. An appealing wine sauce furthered its savoury flavor. And it was filling! For dessert, which I could barely fit in, I dove into the tiramisu. Sweet cream, chocolate and mascarpone cheese gently sifted together to make a non-soggy tiramisu.
I found my favourite and highly affordable Italian restaurant right here in San Miguel.

                       Centrally located, Vivali’s address is Hernandez Macias No. 66.
Call (415) 152 0045.

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