Wednesday, 6 April 2016

La Malinche: A Savoury Journey into Regional Mexican Cuisine

by Nancy Snipper

This remarkable restaurant offers exotically fascinating dishes that are lovingly made by the Castelán-Ortega family. Delicious recipes handed down from generation to generation and now in the hands of the mother, Marta and her two daughters, Irma and Gabriela comprise traditional Mexican meals originating in regions far beyond Ixtapa.
The menu is a discovery into all kinds of sauces and preparations for cooking fish, meat, chicken and exotic seafood. Imagine eating Nopal Malinche, Mole Poblano from Puebla, Chiles in Nogada and Cochinita Pibil; this one comes from the region of Merida in Yucatan.
 Some fillets are cooked in a Veracruz style. The mahi mahi is smothered in a magnificent mango sauce. The Conchinita Pibil is a pork platter that is marinated in an Achiote sauce overnight. Chiles in Nogada – a notable number – is a palette-pleasing poblano chili stuffed with pork and dried fruit which turns the entire meal into a taste of sweetness.
 I ordered the red snapper. It was tender and made sweet by the mango sauce I requested to have on it. Steamed vegetables and the cherished chayote (green squash) accompanied this deliciously filling dinner.
Of course, the standard fare of enchiladas, four soups and six appetizers along with an exciting variety of tacos are also on the menu.
Irma and Gabriela are so personable and dedicated to authentic Mexican cuisine. They are up early going to Zihuatanejo to get the catch of the day and buying fresh produce. Gabriela even brought out four different types of chilies, explaining to me what distinct dishes they are used for while rating their hot/spicy flavour.
My piña colada was the best ever; I ordered a second one. The coffee at the end of my meal was rich in flavour. I loved it all.
The name of this restaurant is in honour of a real heroine who went from being an Aztec princess to a slave – eventually becoming Cortés’ translator for Indigenous people and finally his lover.

Treat yourself to breakfast, lunch and dinner at La Malinche.
The address is La Puerta Ixtapa Mall 3, 4 Terrace.
Call (+52) 755-553 12 18.

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