Monday, 4 April 2016

La Veranda Restaurant

A Bounteous Buffet

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

Inside Ixtapa’s luxurious Park Royal Hotel, guests can enjoy a buffet of global gourmet stature and dimensions, After all, Cirilo Morales Valente, Veranda’s chef with 20 years of experience, brilliantly changes the buffet offerings every night. The food can be Mexican, Tex-Mex, Oriental, Spanish and more. He has four cooks who work with him on the hot dishes, and two cooks for salads. As many as 800 guests per night on enjoy Veranda’s buffet that appeals to the dozens of voracious diners who love variety.
I counted over 15 different hot plate meals, an exciting array of deliciously unique salads and a gamut of tasty cold cuts – all perfectly presented to form a colourful feast for the eyes and palate.
The sweet beets, little peas, chayote’s lime green slices of juicy cactus squash filled my first plate, plus I went back for the various ham slices, but given the fact that there were seven salads, I knew I had to pass on some to keep room in my belly for the big main dishes.
The meatballs were fabulous, the corn dish of green pepper slices and onions in a cream sauce was outstanding. I couldn’t get enough of the spicy shredded chicken and the mole chicken.  There was a kind of beef chili that took my breath away with each ecstatic bite. The notable perk was how delicately tender the meat was, and how perfectly seasoned each dish was. Not too much salt or spice.  
Desserts were embarrassment cake riches. I had them all, including the churros!  Speaking of flour, Veranda’s homemade bread is sensational, sweet and soft.
La Veranda offers quality mouthwatering food, so make sure you check into Park Royal Hotel towering elegantly over Ixtapa’s expansive Palmar Bay to discover the wonders of La Veranda’s very beautiful buffet.

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