Saturday, 2 April 2016

Lavanda Café: Divine Lavender Freshness

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

 Natural lavender leaves its lovely flavor
Victor and Carla have given us a savoury health boost with the wonderful culinary creations they serve at their breakfast/lunch eatery.
The menu is exciting as it features an innovative array of organic coffees and teas – many of them flavoured with lavender. Don’t you love the name Green Gunpowder? It is the purest and non-oxidized – super strong tea with caffeine. But if you want a relaxing pre-sleep tea, sip the Red Pu Erh. It’s aged and fermented for long periods of time. Lots of unique coffees on hand too with six different brewing methods!
 My lavender coffee looked like a cappuccino but tasted like a gift from the gods; loved that tinge of lavender. Victor is now roasting coffee beans above the restaurant, so this place is totally vested in quality created by the owners.
 I ordered the 2-egg omelet, topped with basil leaves and brimming with cheese, roasted tomatoes sweet peas, house-made basil and more delightful surprises. It was delicate and delicious. The plate also featured homemade sweet potato chips that curled like a piece of lovely art.
Salads are superb. Next time I want to order this one: grilled chicken, avocado, grapes, nuts, raisins, greens and vegetables – all of course enhanced with lavender vinegar.
Want a hearty exotic dish?  Discover the Casuela: potatoes, mushrooms in a cheese casserole with fried egg and bacon.
 I would eat here every day. Lavanda Café is awesomely ahead its time.

Discover the secrets of Lavanda Café at Dr. Ignacio Hernandez Macias 87, San Miguel de Allende.

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